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Microsoft Flight Simulator Pilatus PC-6 Porter Released by Military Visualizations

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pilatus Porter

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pilatus PC-6 Porter Released by Military Visualizations

Popular third-party developer Military Visualizations (also known as MilViz) released a relevant new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Today popular third-party developer Military Visualizations (also known as MilViz) released a relevant new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The release came as a surprise, without a prior announcement. You can purchase the aircraft at the developer’s own store for $29.99. It’ll also be released on the official marketplace soon.

This is the first stage of the release, with a second stage offering even more features coming down the line. When Stage 2 releases, the base price will be upped accordingly, but those who purchased Stage 1 before then will get Stage 2 at no additional cost.

Below you can find a large gallery of screenshots and an official description of the product, with a detailed features list.

“Building on our experience in MSFS2020 with the FG-1D Corsair, we have managed to bring more features, a deeper immersive experience, and more fun to the Porter.

The accurate and highly detailed 3D model blends delightfully with the visual realism offered by MSFS2020.
You can tell we’re proud of it right? But it’s the flight model of which we are especially proud.

Working with real-life Porter pilots has let us get down to the nitty-gritty of perfectly emulated performance.
We know you want to do that tricky stuff like beta braked short runway shenanigans as per Air America, or slow diving with skydivers, and the good news is that with the Milviz PC6, you can!

Pull the power lever down to engage Beta mode and turn that huge prop into a barn-door air brake. Lift the lever over the gate and the prop will reverse pitch – for ground use only! It all works just like the real thing!

Our Turbo-Porter uses the default G1000, with minor modifications to suit the PC6, in addition to a Bendix-King radio navigation suite including the KAP140 autopilot and the KR87 ADF. For those that prefer something more old-skool, the forthcoming Stage 2 Release will offer a full steam-gauge option, alongside more radio and navigation options.

Please note that at this time 3rd-party avionics such as the Working Title Garmin G1000 NXi are not supported nor recommended. This extends to any avionics mods or community fixes. Regarding the NXi specifically, as it matures and becomes more integrated into the simulator as per the NXi development roadmap, rest assured that we will work to ensure that it can be used seamlessly in the Porter.

Swapping between standard wheels and skis is easily done in real-time via our Electronic Flight Bag tablet. The Stage 2 release will add options for tundra wheels and floats; comparisons to a Swiss army knife are well deserved!

The EFB configuration utility also allows the selection of passenger and cargo variants – Set the cargo weight using the nifty slider and watch as an appropriate cargo load automagically spawns in the rear.

Stage 2 Release
The current Stage 1 release of the Porter is a complete experience, but we have greater plans to represent this iconic aircraft in more detail. To that end, we are working towards an additional Stage 2 release that will feature separate models with floats and tundra tires to expand your mission profile, as well as an earlier representation of the Porter cockpit with steam gauges and multiple radio options to suit all possible wishes. As the technology in MSFS matures and expands, we have even more plans in store!

Once Stage 2 is complete and ready for release, the price will be rising accordingly to accommodate the many extra additions and features. However, those who purchase the current Stage 1 release will benefit from ALL Stage 2 upgrades at no extra cost. Your purchase entitles you to any and all future upgrades for this product!

More fun
What is in that mysterious crate in the back?
We don’t know! But we do know you can drop it out of the cargo door in the fuselage floor.

The default checklist system has been tweaked to allow completion from outside the aircraft. We hope you will agree that it is much more satisfying to remove those reds ‘by-hand’ rather than clicking on a checkbox.”

  • High resolution interior and exterior model, with high quality PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials used for realistic effects and reflections.
  • Detailed animations throughout the aircraft, including cabin and cockpit doors, storm window, trap doors, windshield blinds, instrumentation, and more.
  • External interactive details such as chocks, tie downs, and covers lend a sense of purpose and immersion to your start-up and shutdown experiences.
  • Skis can be outfitted on the PC-6 to allow for exciting adventures off of the beaten path!
  • Functional trap doors complete with the visual effect of dropable cargo!
  • Configurable external fuel tanks with properly emulated fuel pump behaviour and annunciations.
  • Dynamic and fully adjustable cockpit and cabin lighting for atmospheric night flying.
  • Professionally recorded sound set from a real world PC-6 specifically for this release so as to provide the utmost in immersion.
  • Fully supports MSFS visual icing effects. The PC-6 is not rated for flight into known icing conditions, so be cautious!
  • Two distinct cabin configurations for hauling either passengers or cargo.
  • Highly detailed tablet is present in the aircraft to allow for in-depth configuration of your flight, including randomized passenger loads and a dynamic cargo system which adjusts the loaded weight and visual appearance in an intuitive manner.
  • Fully interactive checklist based on proper standard procedures for the PC-6. Includes custom camera behaviour for ‘walkaround’ interactivity with external aircraft elements!
  • Accurate flight behaviour, including realistic stall modelling and beta simulation. Beta mode can be entered into under correctly controlled circumstances while in flight to allow for heart stopping dives while staying within the allowable range for flaps extension.
  • Correctly replicated turboprop start up requirements have been implemented, allowing for varying ITT temperatures, up to and including catastrophic hot starts!
  • Engine behaviour has been tuned and tested within the limitations of the default turboprop simulation to allow for a believable and approachable emulation of the well known PT6A-27.
  • Custom skydiving altimeter included in the passenger configuration which is able to be zeroed to field elevation.
  • Equipped with default avionics (G1000, KAP140, KR87 ADF) to allow for a wide range of functionality while providing a path for future simulation capabilities.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S.

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