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We are Twinfinite, a video game site. We cover the latest game news and events, review and preview the hottest games, write comprehensive guides and tips to help you get the most out of your games, conduct interviews with all of the biggest developers, and write our own editorials. Basically, we love video games.

Twinfinite is a video game enthusiast site that launched in October of 2011 by the founder, Yamilia Avendaño. Starting from scratch, it has since built a reputation for quality industry coverage, and one that recognizes the importance of diverse voices in media. Over 850 million unique page views later and we’re still doing what we love.

We also love to leave the house and make sure we provide all the latest and greatest from top conventions around the world. Here are the biggest we’ve attended:

That’s not all, though, as Publishers and Developers have frequently sent us to events so that we can provide exclusive information on a game, well before its release. You may have even seen Twinfinite in a number of different game trailers:

Those are just a few of them, you get the idea!

Twinfinite’s Traffic and Statistics 

Twinfinite’s grown exponentially every year, reaching over 46 million users across 120 million page views in 2022. We’re proud of the community we’ve built over the years.

Need to be heard for something specific? Here are the emails to contact us directly:

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If you would like to know more about the people behind Twinfinite’s front page, check out the team page. If you’re interested in advertising with Twinfinite, please contact [email protected].

We’re hiring freelance writers!

We’re always looking for experienced freelance writers to join our team. We believe
in paying writers fairly for their time, so we pay per story, regardless of traffic.
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Twinfinite’s Ethics

The GAMURS Group network of websites endeavors to interpret and cover the news of esports, gaming, and entertainment impartially and honestly. We do this by striving for accuracy, fairness and full disclosure of all essential facts. Our reputation is built upon our collective integrity. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all GAMURS Group workers to always present the reader with the facts available. You can read our Ethics Policy in full.

To find out more about our Review Policy specifically (including our grading rubric), you should head on over here.

Twinfinite may accept offers to cover travel and accommodations expenses. Even so, Twinfinite has no interest in letting this sway our opinions. We’ve done this for too long, too many times to be wowed by any free event. We’re there to be as honest as we can be to the audience that trusts us.

But why are we named “Twinfinite”?

Because we’re just that bad at naming stuff.

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