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Welcome to Twinfinite.

We are Twinfinite, a video game site. We cover the latest game news and events, review and preview the hottest games, produce original video content for our YouTube channel, conduct interviews with all of the biggest developers, and write our own editorials. Basically, we love video games.

Twinfinite is a video game enthusiast site that launched in October of 2011 by the founder, Yamilia Avendaño. Starting from scratch, it has since built a reputation for quality industry coverage, and one that recognizes the importance of diverse voices in media. Over 500 million views later and we’re still doing what we love.

We cover news, produce our own video series, review games, and write our own editorials. Here are some parts around the site where you can find our writing:

We also love to leave the house and make sure we provide all the latest and greatest from convention showfloors:

We’re on a variety of different social media sites and aside from directly commenting on our posts, it’s truly the best way we keep in touch with the community:

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Need to be heard for something more specific? Here are the emails to contact us directly:

Twinfinite’s upper management includes…


If you would like to know more about the people behind Twinfinite’s front page, check out the team page. If you’re interested in advertising with Twinfinite, you should contact Playwire. They handle our display advertising.


But why are we named “Twinfinite”?

Because we’re just that bad at naming stuff.



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