The Ultimate Pokemon Sun & Moon Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, hopeful Pokemon Trainers are able to set foot on the full expanse of the Alola Region, Pokemon Sun and Moon’s new location based off of the Hawaiian islands. There are new mechanics in store for seasoned veterans, changes to classic Pokemon, and mysteries With all of the changes introduced in the two new releases, it’s perfectly understandable that even long-time players of Nintendo’s popular monster-catching RPG franchise will need some help getting acclimated.

General Information

Here is where you’ll find some useful information to help you get you started in Pokemon Sun and Moon. These will break down some important details that will help you choose which game to get as well as an understanding of some basic features and mechanics.


Z-Moves and Crystals

Z-moves are a new additon to these games, letting you perform special attacks with your Pokemon. Here’s everything you need to know to unlock your maximum Z-move potential.


Battle Guides

Need some help with the new Gym system? Here are the battle guides we’ve got so far.


TMs and Stones

These can help you find any TM or evolution stones you need to power up your team.



HMs are no more in Sun and Moon, but they have been replaced with the Poke Ride system. Here are some guides on how you can access specific Poke Rides, and enjoy these “HMs” once more.


Special Locations

Some of the Alolan region’s hottest travel spots, explained.



Naturally, the little monsters you collect are at the core of the experience. These guides will ensure you pick the best starter for yourself, train them properly, and keep them happy. You’ll also find some assistance with trading and general management of your buddies.


Specific Pokemon

Looking for a specific friend? These guides will help you find or evolve some of Sun and Moon’s most desired Pokemon.


Special Items

From Exp Share to Poke Balls, these are some of Sun and Moon’s special items and where to find them. Oh, and sad news: there are no bikes in these games.


Character Appearance

You start off Sun and Moon with very few customization options. If you’re looking to change your appearance – be it your hair, eye color, or clothes – these guides have your back.


Pokedex Features

Your Pokedex, on top of being half Rotom, has a few new tricks up its sleeve. Here’s the lowdown on QR codes, scanning, and Photo Mode.




We’ll keep updating this wiki as we learn more. Check back soon!

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