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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Mudbray


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Mudbray

Mudbray – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Mudbray is a small donkey Pokemon that you can catch in Sun and Moon, and is also a Ground type. There are quite a few different places to find one, and once you encounter a Mudbray in battle, it’s pretty easy to catch.

The easiest place to find Mudbray is going to be on the second island, Akala Island. After you leave the first city called Heahea, you’ll hit Route 4. This is the first place that you can encounter one of your very own. The other two places on the island is Paniola Ranch, and Route 6 directly after it. If you wander around these locations for a few minutes, you should be able to run into one easily, with Paniola Ranch, naturally, being the best place to look. What with it being a ranch and all.

There’s also a chance you can run into one on Ula’ula Island, specifically in Blush Mountain. Mudbray evolves into an imposing steed called Mudsdale at level 30, in case you are wondering.

Here are some of the moves that your new pocket monster could have:

  • Mud-Slap (Ground)
  • Double Kick (Fighting)
  • Stomp (Normal)
  • Bulldoze (Ground)

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