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Pokemon Sun and Moon Wiki Guide: Tips, Walkthroughs, and More


Pokemon Sun and Moon Wiki Guide: Tips, Walkthroughs, and More

All the help a Pokemon Trainer could need.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Set in the brand new Alola Region, a land based on the real world Hawaiian Islands, Pokemon Sun and Moon drops players into a tropical world full of new creatures, returning favorites, and surprising forms for some classic monsters. There is also a slew of new mechanics as the latest entry in the long-running series switches things up with Poke Rides, Island Trials, a living Pokedex, and much more. To help you get into the flow of being a trainer in a new land, we’ve put together this helpful Wiki Guide that will have all of the information you need to become the greatest trainer there ever was.

  • Release Date: November 18, 2016
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: The Pokemon Company
  • Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS
  • Genre: RPG






Specific Pokemon


TMs and Stones




Important Items, and More


General Guides








Z-Moves and Crystals




Make sure to check back in as we continue to upgrade this wiki with more guides, tips, tricks, information, and fun features.

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