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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where and How to Get the Scope Lens


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where and How to Get the Scope Lens

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Scope Lens – Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Scope Lens is a handy little item that you can give to your Pokemon to hold in Sun and Moon, and increase their critical-hit ratio. As you progress further in the game, it’s an item that can become increasingly more useful. There’s a small side activity that grants you the item. Once you complete the first trial and proceed to the second island, Akala, just keep following the story and you’ll end up at a place called Paniola Ranch.

Once at the ranch just follow the road all the way up, and into the area with a sign out front that reads “Welcome to Moomoo Paddock!” Watch the scenes that play out, and then head all the way to the top left of the paddock, where you’ll see a Tauros. If you talk to this Tauros it will become agitated, and the ranch hands will come over and talk to you about it. They’ll give you the option to battle the Pokemon, so select yes. After you’ve completed the battle and beaten the Tauros, you’ll be granted the Scope Lens as a reward. Equip it on one of your best Pokemon, and continue on with your adventuring ways.

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