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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Feed and Play With Your Pokemon


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Feed and Play With Your Pokemon

The best part of Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Feeding and Playing With Pokemon

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Pokemon Amie feature from X and Y is back. But this time, it’s called Pokemon Refresh, and it comes with a few added perks as well. Aside from feeding treats to your Pokemon and petting them on the head and playing with them, you can also use Refresh to try to remove their status ailments. This will take a little more time, but it’s a good way to strengthen your bond with your Pokemon.

To play with your Pokemon, simply use the 3DS stylus to rub your Pokemon’s head. Do this for a few seconds, and hearts will appear above your Pokemon’s head. You can tell the creature is enjoying all the TLC when it closes its eyes in a content manner. To feed your Pokemon, select the icon in the top left corner to choose a Poke Bean. With the stylus, hold the Poke Bean right at your Pokemon’s mouth and it will start eating. Be careful not to hold it too high up, or your Pokemon won’t be able to reach it.

Playing with your Pokemon and feeding them will strengthen your bonds, and they’ll like you even more.

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