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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Smash Rocks Around Alola


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Smash Rocks Around Alola

Smash Rocks – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon has switched up how a lot of things work this time around. HMs are a thing of the past, and thus, you will not need to teach any of your Pokemon some Rock Smash to get to previously blocked off locations. No, this time around, you can rely on a trusty Tauros friend to do your bidding for you, every single time.

Once you beat the first Kahuna, Melemele’s Hala, you’ll receive the Ride Pager. This is a new item that allows you to call upon different Pokemon to ride them in different ways by simply pressing Y. The first one you get access to, Tauros, has a special charge ability that will smash any of those big rocks and boulders that you’ve seen blocking your path.

Simply call upon Tauros by hitting Y and selecting it. Then, once riding it, hold down B and aim for the rocks to crush them to bits and open up the path. You will find these rocks and boulders scattered all throughout, and many times, choosing to go this road less traveled will have some great rewards.

For more help with Pokemon Sun and Moon, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s wiki for guides and tips!

A Bit More on Rock Smash

This move has been around since the very beginning. It’s an OG attack that used to come in the HM form. However, with the advent of Sun and Moon, HMs are a thing of the past. Replacing the ability for one of your own to perform this move is a trusty Tauros that you call upon whenever you want. It also lets you ride it, so that’s a transportation plus! Yes, it even replaced the bicycle. This has been a very well-liked change to the series, though, as not only does it no longer force one of your Pokemon to have the HM move forever, but it also lets you use whoever you want on your team. Maybe you didn’t want a rock smasher, okay?!

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