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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Hala the First Kahuna


Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Hala the First Kahuna

Pokemon Sun and Moon has changed up the way that the traditional Gyms and Leaders work. Now, you will face Captains, their trials, and finally the Kahunas for each island. The first one you will face is the Kahuna for Melemele Island, Hala. He’s the big, yellow wearing nice guy that has a hankering for Fighting type Pokemon.

You will naturally progress to the point of facing him as you go through the story, so just keep playing until it’s time to pass your Grand Melemele Trial. Facing him will be a lot tougher than every other battle you’ve come across so far. And remember, he’s a Fighting type Kahuna, so get your Flying and Psychic Pokemon in order, and be wary of putting out any Normal, Rock, Steel, and Ice into battle.

You’ll be facing against the following team:

  • Mankey – Level 14, will use Focus Energy and Karate Chop
  • Makuhita – Level 14, will use Sand Attack and the multi-attack Arm Thrust
  • Crabrawler – Level 15, will use Leer and Power-up Punch

There are some important things to note about Hala. He is able to use a Super Potion and a Full Heal. He also has the Z-Crystal for Fighting type moves, and he isn’t afraid of using it with Crabrawler. Thus, you might have to deal with the incredibly powerful Z-Move, All-Out Pummeling. It’s a one-hit faint, pretty much. Be wary of when he’ll use it so that you can time it on a not so important Pokemon.

Of course, you also have the option of just defeating every single one of them as fast as possible so that he can’t do anything, every turn. Once you’ve beaten your first Kahuna, enjoy the 2,400 Poke Dollars, the ability to train Pokemon up to level 35, permission to ride a Tauros whenever you want, and the Z-Crystal for Fighting moves, Fightinium Z.

For more help with Pokemon Sun and Moon, make sure to check out our wiki for guides and tips!

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