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Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Redeem Mystery Gifts and Get Munchlax


Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Redeem Mystery Gifts and Get Munchlax

Don’t forget the munchy Snorlax.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Redeeming Mystery Gifts

If you purchased your copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon before January 2017, you’ll be entitled to a free Mystery Gift that rewards you with the exclusive Munchlax Pokemon. To redeem your Mystery Gifts, first you have to select the Mystery Gift option from the main menu and connect to the internet from there. The game will check if you have any available Gifts to redeem, and inform you when you do.

After you’ve done this, head to any Pokemon Center in the game and talk to the deliveryman standing near the PC. He’ll be in an orange shirt. Talk to him to collect your reward. Do note that if you’re trying to redeem a free Pokemon like Munchlax, you’ll need a free slot in your party, so be sure to deposit one of your Pokemon into the PC if your party is full. Mystery Gifts can also be redeemed via special codes or local connections, depending on whether there are any special Pokemon events going on at the time.

And that’s all you need to know about redeeming your Mystery Gifts in the game.

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