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Pokemon Sun & Moon: Salandit Evolution Guide (How and What)


Pokemon Sun & Moon: Salandit Evolution Guide (How and What)

Evolving Salandit – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Salandit is one of the new Pokemon added for Sun and Moon, and is a small lizard that’s a fire and poison type. It can be caught on Route 8 or Wela Volcano Park. The Pokemon has some powerful poison-based abilities that can simultaneously damage an enemy and inflict the status effect, causing damage every turn. It has one evolution called Salazzle, that remains a fire and poison type as well. Evolving this one works a little differently than any other, however, and is a first in the series.

To start with, Salandit evolves at level 33, but there’s a catch. Only female Salandits will evolve, while male ones will never evolve. If you have met both of those requirements, your little lizard will evolve into Salazzle, with the great abilities of Corrosion (making it possible to inflict the poison status effect on Steel and Poison types) and Oblivious (not allowing Taunt nor Infatuation to affect her).

Here’s a look at what this evolution’s appearance is like, in case you are curious:



Make sure to take a look at our extensive wiki and check back with Twinfinite for more help, tips, and guides on Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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