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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get All Z-Crystals


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get All Z-Crystals

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All Z-Crystals – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Z-Crystals are nifty little items in Pokemon Sun and Moon that let you pull of some extravagant special moves once per battle. You’ll get a Z-Ring early on in the story, which is the item you need to pull off Z-Moves. After that, you’ll need two things: a Z-Crystal and a Pokemon that has a corresponding move to that crystal. There’s a crystal for each Pokemon type in the game, most of which you get through the story. So, for example, if you have the Normal Z-Crystal your Pokemon needs to have a Normal type move in order to use it.

Additionally, there are some Z-Crystals that are specific to certain Pokemon. Here’s all the Z-Crystals in Pokemon Sun and Moon, along with all of the Pokemon specific ones we know of so far.


Normal Z-Crystal

  • Finish Iliam’s Trial

Fighting Z-Crystal

  • Defeat the first Kahuna, Hau

Water Z-Crystal

  • Finish Lana’s Trial

Fire Z-Crystal

  • Finish Kiawe’s Trial

Grass Z-Crystal

  • Finish Mallow’s Trial

Rock Z-Crystal

  • Defeat the second Kahuna, Olivia, and trade with the Hiker in the Tapu Village PokeCenter.

Electric Z-Crystal

  • Finish Sophocles’ Trial

Steel Z-Crystal

  • Finish Molayne’s Trial

Ghost Z-Crystal

  • Finish Acerola’s Trial

Bug Z-Crystal

  • Defeat Team Skull Leader Guzma in his hideout

Dark Z-Crystal

  • Defeat the third Kahuna, Nanu

Poison Z-Crystal

  • Given to you by Plumeria on Poni Island.

Ground Z- Crystal

  • Defeat the fourth Kahuna, Hapu.

Fairy Z-Crystal

  • Given to you by Mina at Vast Poni Canyon.

Dragon Z-Crystal

  • Finish the seventh trial.

Ice Z-Crystal

  • Obtained on Mount Lanakila

Flying Z-Crystal

  • Obtained at Ten Carat Hill, but you’ll need Tauros and Machamp to get it

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