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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Change Eye Color (Contact Lenses)


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Change Eye Color (Contact Lenses)

Contact Lenses and Eye Color – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is in our lives to bring forth a whole new adventure. This time around, we’re newbie trainers working in the Alola region, trying to be the very best. As it was established in X and Y, Sun and Moon grants you the ability to change up your character how ever which way you would like to. After the initial choice of gender and skin color, you can change their clothes, hair, and even eye color (through the power of contact lenses) at any point in time. Provided you can afford it, that is.. Here’s how to accomplish this incredibly easy task.

Whenever you’re in the Apparel Shops (which are found in most major cities/towns across Alola), you simply go to any fitting room and interact (push A) on the mirror there. Here is where you can pick whichever color suits you best today.

That is all there is to it! Pick whatever color you want, and flaunt it. Change it up every so often. Match your mood if you want to! For more Pokemon Sun and Moon help, check out our wiki for other guides and tips!

A Bit More on Character Customization

It’s a fairly recent development for the series to allow players to customize their trainers however they like. For awhile, it was only a choice between boy or girl, and before that, it was basically just the name that you could change. No, with the advent of the 3D future, we can all be grateful that nowadays we can choose gender, skin tone, eye color, haircut, and clothing. It’s a crucial component that ensures players feel like they’re even more involved in the game. Customization is always a plus, and the option to look however you want only serves to brighten the experience.

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