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What’s New In Pokemon Sun and Moon? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New In Pokemon Sun and Moon? Everything You Need to Know

Your tropical adventure awaits.

Welcome to the Tropical Islands of Alola

Pokemon Sun and Moon

As you might expect, Pokemon Sun and Moon take us to an entirely new region in the world: the tropical islands of Alola. This region is different from anything we’ve seen before, and the people that live there have formed incredibly close relationships with the Pokemon of the islands.

The biggest change with this new setting is a shift in aesthetic. Alola is a bright and cheerful location similar to Hawaii, and its residents dress and act accordingly. Of course, the islands also draw tons of tourists from around the world, resulting in characters like the original Red and Blue popping up.

There are also two different organizations that have machinations on the islands. The mischievous Team Skull that wants to take people’s Pokemon, and the Aether Foundation that wants to set up a safe space for all Pokemon to live. It remains to be seen what role each will play in the story, or how they’ll interact.

The sunny tropical setting will be affecting much more about the games than just their look, however, as you’ll see soon.

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