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Pokemon Sun & Moon: What Care and Refresh Do


Pokemon Sun & Moon: What Care and Refresh Do

Care and Refresh – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Care is similar to the Pokemon-Amie system of past games, but with a little more practicality this time around. Pokemon Refresh can be accessed from your in-game menu, allowing you to groom, pet, and feed beans to your Pokemon. This raises their affection, especially useful for getting specific affection-based evolutions, like Sylveon.

Perhaps more importantly, care can also be used to relieve ailment now, too. When your Pokemon is afflicted with lasting effects like Poison, Burn, or Paralysis after a battle, you’ll see a prompt on your lower screen for Care. Select that, and after the battle you’ll go straight to a grooming screen with your teammate. You’ll be able to use a medicated cotton swab to eliminate their ailment, meaning fewer Antidotes and the like spent during your adventures. You can also do this

Even if your Pokemon does not have a status issue, you can head into Care after battle to comb, blow dry, towel, or brush them (they can get a little messy in battle) to up their affection.

If you don’t choose Care just out of battle, you’ll still be able to head into Refresh and show your love.

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