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Pokemon Sun and Moon Has No Bikes; Here’s What You Use Instead


Pokemon Sun and Moon Has No Bikes; Here’s What You Use Instead

Bikes and Poke Rides – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon brings a lot of changes to the series’ tried formula. HMs are no more, battle screens show type weaknesses, and Gyms have been scrapped for the more Alolan trial system. On the big list of changes as well are bikes: there are no bikes in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

While you won’t be riding two-wheelers through the Alolan region, you do have another mode of fast transportation through the Poke Ride system. Players can unlock the ability to call helper Pokemon throughout their adventure. These take on the roles of HMs in Sun and Moon. When you need to fly, you’ll call in a Charizard, and when you want to smash rocks or just move around faster, you can hop on a Tauros. Keep in mind that these HM-like Pokemon can’t join your team, though you can go off and get a Charizard for yourself, if you so desire.

In the end, riding a Tauros around Hawaiian-themed islands may be cooler than a bike, but RIP regardless.

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