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Pokemon Sun and Moon: All TMs You Can Get and Where to Find Them


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All TMs You Can Get and Where to Find Them

All TMs and Where to Find Them – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Technical Machines (you may know them as TMs for short) are items used to teach Pokemon specific moves. You can create the perfect Pokemon by mixing their natural abilities with one of these, so they’re definitely desired by most, if not all, serious trainers. There are 100 TMs hidden throughout the Alola Region, the new area introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Bellow you’ll find the name and location of each one available. Get ready to do some serious collecting:

TM 01: Work Up – Obtained in Hau’oli City as a gift for defeating all of the trainers in the Trainer School.

TM02: Dragon Claw – Found in the Vast Poni Canyon on Poni Island in a small niche on a wall.

TM03: Psychock – Found near the Lake of the Sunne on Ula’ula Island in the corner of a stone building.

TM 04: Calm Mind – Found in the Seafolk Village Pokemon Center on Poni Island. You purchase it for 10,000 Poke Dollars.

TM05: Roar – Found near Kala’e Bay on Melemele Island in a small cavern to the southwest of the water.

TM06: Toxic – You can get this one on the docks in Aether Paradise. In the center of the map (which is shaped like a diamond) head to the left side where you’ll find it in a corner.

TM07: Hail – You can purchase this one for 50,000 Poke Dollars in the Battle Royal Dome Pokemon Center on Akala Island.

TM08: Bulk Up – Yours for 10,000 Poke Dollars at the Konikoni City Pokemon Center on Akala Island.

TM09: Venoshock – Another one that you can purchase at the Konikoni City Pokemon Center for 10,000 Poke Dollars.

TM10: Hidden Power – You get Hidden Power as a gift from the Power Checker at the Paniola Ranch Day-Care on Akala Island.

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