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Pokemon Sun & Moon: QR Codes for Older Pokemon


Pokemon Sun & Moon: QR Codes for Older Pokemon

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Pokemon QR Codes – Sun and Moon

QR Codes in Pokemon Sun and Moon are used to gather information on Pokemon you haven’t yet caught or even encountered. If someone you know catches a Pokemon, a QR Code will appear in their Pokedex that you can scan for information, including where it’s possible to catch that particular monster. Granted, not all monsters in Sun and Moon will have their locations disclosed, particular special and legendary ones. Still, you can find a vast majority of the new Pokedex using this method. Additionally, for every ten QR codes you scan, your Pokedex will perform and Island Scan and locate a rare Pokemon for you. Keep in mind that you can only scan ten QR codes per two hours.

Below you’ll find the QR Codes to many of the older Pokemon in Sun and Moon. We’ll continue to update this as we encounter more out in the Alola Region. If you only care about the brand new Alola Region Pokemon you can check our Alolan Scan guide here.






Female Butterfreefemale-butterfreeFemale Ledian

Female Ledybafemale-ledyba


Female Pikachufemale-pikachu

Female Raichufemale-raichu

Female Ratattafemale-ratatta

Female Raticatefemale-raticate

Male Butterfreemale-butterfree

Male Ledianmale-ledian

Male Ledybamale-ledyba

Male Pikachumale-pikachu

Male Raichumale-raichu

Alolan Raichua-raichu

Male Raticate

Male Ratattamale-rattata

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