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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Rockruff


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find Rockruff

Rockruff – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon has a ton of new monsters never before seen in the series. One of these is an adorable rock dog Pokemon called Rockruff. While some trainers may just want it for how cute it is, it also has two incredibly powerful evolutions and which one you get depends on whether you have Pokemon Sun or Moon.

To get a Rockruff, first you’ll need to complete the first Grand Trial. Once you’ve done this, Hala will then give you a Taurus which you can ride. Head to your house and then hop on the Taurus. From outside your house, head down and make your way to Ten Carat Hill. Once you’ve found the cave entrance just South of your house with the guy who tells you to head on through to Ten Carat Hill head on inside and use Taurus to smash through the rocks in the way. Continue to follow the path the only way you can, smashing through the small crumbling rocks until you come across a giant gray stone cube. Head North here and out of the entrance to find yourself in Farthest Hollow.

In Farthest Hollow, simply just walk in the grass and wait until one shows up. Rockruff seems to be pretty rare and can take a good 10+ encounters until they show up so persevere and hopefully you’ll be able to grab one after not too long.

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