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Pokemon Sun & Moon: What QR Codes Are and How to Get Them


Pokemon Sun & Moon: What QR Codes Are and How to Get Them

QR Codes – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon each have a new system that allows trainers to help each other fill up those brand new Pokedexes. When you catch a Pokemon, you get a QR code that can be scanned using the QR Scanner located in the games’ menu. Those can be scanned by friends, or you can scan the codes of other players.

Once QR Codes are scanned, the respective Pokemon will be added to your Pokedex along with several pieces of useful information. The biggest piece of info is where to find the monster you scanned. While it won’t always give you a location, it more often than not let you know where you can catch said Pokemon. This is very useful for when you want to start filling up your Pokedex.

There are some rules and perks to using the QR Scanner though. You can only scan ten QR Codes every two hours. But, as a reward for each ten QR codes you scan, your Pokedex will perform an Island Scan. This will locate one rare Pokemon on the island so that you can make your way over and catch it.

To help you out, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling all of the QR Codes we know of so far so you can scan them right from your computer. Just hold your 3DS up to the screen once you activate your QR Scanner in Pokemon Sun or Moon:

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