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Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Breed Pokemon and Hatch Eggs


Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Breed Pokemon and Hatch Eggs

It’s breeding season again.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Breeding and Egg Hatching

Breeding is a big part of the Pokemon series, and it makes a return in Sun and Moon. In this iteration, you’ll be able to start breeding Pokemon once you reach the second island, which is where the Nursery is located. Unlike the Daycare in past entries, your Pokemon don’t level up when you leave them there. The Nursery is primarily for breeding purposes only, and you can leave up to two Pokemon there at a time. When you want to take them back, they’ll cost you 500 Poke Dollars each, so it’s a pretty cheap way of amassing a large number of eggs and hatching them quickly.

Do note that in order for them to breed, you have to leave one male and one female Pokemon. The eggs that you receive will hatch into a baby of the female Pokemon that you left there. Once you’ve left them at the Nursery, talk to the lady right outside the building and she’ll let you know if your Pokemon are compatible. If they’re getting along fine, you’ll be able to collect eggs at a faster rate. If they don’t get along well, you can still get eggs, but at a slower pace. If the lady says they’re not getting along at all, you’ll never get eggs from them, and you might have to switch out the male Pokemon for a more compatible one. Pro-tip: Ditto will breed with anything.

If you try breeding your own with another one that you got through trading, the breeding process will go faster, as well.

After that, you’ll want to start taking steps around the island until the lady outside the Nursery folds her arms. When she does this, it means an egg is ready for collection. A good method of collecting and hatching eggs quickly is getting onto your Tauros or Stoutland and running around in circles right outside the Nursery. This counts steps faster, and you can keep an eye on the lady to see if there are any eggs to collect. Eggs will hatch after you’ve taken a certain number of steps, as well, making this process more efficient. If you have a Pokemon with the Flame Body ability, like Magmar does, the number of steps required will be reduced as well.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite’s wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on Sun and Moon.

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