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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Fly


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Fly

How to Fly – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Earning abilities such as fly and surf in Pokemon Sun and Moon is quite a bit different from the mechanics of previous games in the series. In stead of HM’s, you’ll use a Poke Ride system that you gain access to early on in the game. With this mechanic, you’ll be able to add certain Pokemon that you can use. For flight, that Pokemon is Charizard.

Once unlocked, you can summon Charizard to fly whenever you want. It won’t add this particular Pokemon to your party though, as this is a free one that just comes when needed. You can still get your own Charizard if you want, it just won’t be used to fly.

That’s all there is to flying in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Take to the skies and continue your journey to be the Alola Region Pokemon Champion.

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