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10 Easiest Fortnite Skins to Make Halloween Costumes For Last-Second

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10 Easiest Fortnite Skins to Make Halloween Costumes For Last-Second

The popularity of Fortnite continues to dominate the video game industry in 2018. Even in the face of heavy-hitting titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2, Epic Games’ free to play battle royale shooter commands a huge player base.

Both children and adults alike are enjoying Fortnite, and with such a wide audience it’s not a surprise that its going to be a popular choice of Halloween costume. So we thought we’d compile some easy options for you if you’re thinking along those lines.

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Here are the 5 easiest Fortnite skins to make Halloween costumes for this spooky season.

Easiest Fortnite Skins to Make Halloween Costumes For

Fox Drift

The Fox Drift skin should be super easy to make, though you’d want to invest in this cheap mask to really make it perfect. We know that isn’t quite the same as making the whole thing yourself, but once you have the mask you can literally throw on a red waistcoat and black pants and you’re set.

Female Commando

The poster girl for Fortnite is probably the easiest of all the skins to turn into a costume. You really just need an appropriate singlet and some cargo/camo pants. To make it look as though you’re actually a Fortnite character and not just some GI-Jane lookin’ chic, you’d best fashion a Fortnite pickaxe.<br><br>

Our advice would be: *do not* use a real pickaxe! Instead, use cardboard or PVC piping to create one of the more colorful and obviously phony pickaxe –way more fun, anyway.

The Reaper

The Reaper should be an easy costume option for anyone that owns a black suit. Boring? Maybe, but again, what defines the outfit is going to be how much effort you pour into making a cool Fortnite accessory. The scythe or various other pickaxes would turn this look from weird-overdressed-didn’t-get-the-Halloween-memo to awesome Fortnite costume in no time!

Skeleton Suit

Look, you could quite easily go and buy the Skeleton Suit, but if you’re determined to make the outfit or you’re out of time, you should be able to pull it off fairly quickly. You’ll need a skeleton mask, which are a dime a dozen from any Halloween store. Then you just need a black t-shirt and some old black pants.<br><br>

For the bones, either stapling on some material or using some paint would work. Add a Fortnite accessory (please don’t walk around with a toy gun, seriously), and you’re good to go.


Raven is definitely on the harder end of the spectrum here, but the payoff could be so worth it. You’ll need dark clothing, obviously, and then purple scarf and pants. Not too hard so far.<br><br>
Crafting the feathers could be a little tricky but there are plenty of tutorials online for that, so just copy a video and make sure to use a black material.<br><br>
Then all you need is a hood, gloves, and some purple/black face paint for a showstopping Fortnite Halloween costume.

Blue Team Leader

Not exactly very Halloweeny, but the Blue Team Leader couldn’t be a more simple costume to make. You’ll just need some dark jeans, a white tank top, and a cosy blue beanie.


This cowgirl-inspired skin comes in a few different forms, but this one is best suited for a DIY Halloween. Just throw on some black jeans, black tank, a cowboy hat, and some pink hair if you’re really going to get into the spirit of things. Boots super important!


Ok, so this one is going to take some imagination to create, but you don’t exactly have to worry about finesse. Besides, it’ll be worth it when you totally steal the show with this awesome camofluage. <br><br>
Go out and buy some fake plants, don some earth-colored pants, and voila!


Fate shouldn’t be hard to create at all, and her all-black, hooded outfit makes for an appropriate Halloween costume.


This Bobette the builder-lookin’ character is another easy Fortnite costume. It’s time to rip out those roller-skate pads that have been hiding in the garage, pop on a tank-top and jacket, and boom!

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