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Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Zoom in Photo Mode


Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Zoom in Photo Mode

Photo Mode Zoom – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s photo mode is the closest we’ve ever gotten to a Pokemon Snap sequel. As you travel around the Alolan region, your Pokedex will alert you to a nearby photo spot. Once there, you will be able to use your Pokedex to take pictures of the area and whatever Pokemon happen to be frolicking in it.

Before you can zoom in this Poke Finder, though, you’ll have to take some nice pictures. For every set of photos you take, you’ll be able to choose one to upload (where exactly do these upload to? We have no idea). You’ll then receive a series of comments and likes. The better the photo, the more likes you get, and once you reach 1,500 collective likes, you’ll unlock Poke Finder V.2 and the zoom function.

To get more likes, try to keep the Pokemon in the center of your photo, and take a snap while they’re close to you and performing some sort of action. Once you reach the first photo spot in Hau’oli City, you’ll be able to stay there and continue taking pictures until you unlock zoom.

Once zoom is available, you’ll be able to press up and down on the d-pad to zoom in and out. This means you can get closer shots of Pokemon, more likes, and even more Poke Finder versions.

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