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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How Gyms / Trials Work


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How Gyms / Trials Work

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Trials

Pokemon Sun and Moon have gotten rid of the classic Gyms of the Pokemon series and instead introduced a new method of challenging Pokemon trainers in the form of Trials.

These trials aren’t just ordinary battles, though. Instead, trainers may have to find all items, or answer tricky trivia questions. Once the Trial has been taken care of, you’ll move onto the Totem Pokemon. These are much larger and stronger than others of its species, and their bodies are covered in a special aurora.

It’s worth noting here that Totem will often use their ability to call in fellow ally to help take you down. These can be tricky, as these support creatures will help to make the Totem ‘mon even more powerful.

When the Totem is defeated, you’ll then need to take on a Trial Captains in a typical battle. If you’re successful, you’ll then be rewarded as having cleared the grand trials of that particular island and you are then free to move on in your adventure.

Of course, once you’ve cleared the Trial Captains, you’ll then have the Island Kahunas to defeat. Each of the four islands in Alola has a Kahuna and these are the most powerful trainers in the region. Defeat the Kahunas, and you’ll be free to continue on to the next island.

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