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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get Money Fast


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get Money Fast

Get Money Fast – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Money isn’t anything new to Pokemon Sun and Moon, and while there are some tried and tested methods to boost your earnings on your adventure, there’s also a new handy feature to help you get money fast.

First thing’s first, the most obvious way you’re going to earn money in Pokemon Sun and Moon is by battling other trainers. While your winnings will start off being pretty meager at the start of the game, by the time you’ve defeated a few Trial Captains and Kahunas, you should find that the money is flowing in pretty nicely from these alone.

Of course, there’s always another 5,000 Poke Dollar hairstyle in Sun and Moon that you want, and thus you’ll probably want to add to your battle winnings. On your adventure, you’ll often come across items in Poke Balls left around the world of Alola. While some of these could be handy consumable items such as Ultra Balls or Potions, you might also find things like Nuggets and Big Pearls whose purpose in the game is quite literally to be sold for money at Poke Marts. Be sure to really check out your surroundings as you never know what could be lurking off the beaten path.

Finally, Sun and Moon introduces a new feature which sees NPCs giving you random side quests when you speak to them. These can be anything from helping to put certain Pokemon back in the sea, or showing them the Pokedex entry for a specific ‘mon. The crazy part about it is completing some of these side quests can reward you 20,000 Poke Dollars and they’ll take you no more than five minutes. With that in mind, be sure to talk to just about every NPC you see to avoid missing out on an easy money making opportunity.

By using all three of these different methods, you’ll easily be able to make money fast in Pokemon Sun and Moon. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our Pokemon Sun and Moon wiki guide.

A Bit More on Poke Dollars

Money in Pokemon has always come into a player’s pocket very easily. You have always been able to get it from beating other trainers and/or selling your belongings. Some would argue it’s been too easy, but there’s also so much you can buy now that it’s great to have it easily. You can buy clothes, haircuts, and food for you and your Pokemon, on top of the traditional items you could always get. Poke Dollars are, and always will be, your trainer’s livelihood while they’re out on their own.

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