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Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Get to Poke Pelago


Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Get to Poke Pelago

The relaxing Pokemon isle.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Poke Pelago

The Poke Pelago is a brand new feature introduced in Sun and Moon, and it’s a great way for bonding with your party, collecting Poke Beans, and also attracting wild Pokemon to your islands. First off, Poke Pelago won’t be accessible right off the bat. You’ll have to reach the second island and defeat the fire Trial Captain first. This will give you access to Charizard as a Poke Ride. While the game doesn’t immediately inform you of it, you can actually check out Poke Pelago right after you get Charizard.

Hit the menu button, press R, and you’ll see the new Poke Pelago option sitting on your screen. Click on it, and Charizard will take you to the islands. Here, you can collect Poke Beans, feed your Pokemon with Poke Beans, and develop new isles in the Pelago. Different isles come with different functions, and will help to grow your Pokemon in different ways. Be sure to leave Poke Beans in the crates to keep your Pokemon happy and attract new ones to the island. Wild creatures that come to the island will usually have different natures, so if you’re looking into competitive battling, this could be a good way to find the creatures that you want.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite’s wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on Sun and Moon.

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