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Pokemon Sun and Moon: What Do Poke Beans Do


Pokemon Sun and Moon: What Do Poke Beans Do

Poke Beans – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Beans are an important item in Pokemon Sun and Moon that you can use to increase your Pokemon’s fullness and their affection for you. You’re going to be using beans primarily in the minigame known as “Refresh.” In this mode, you’ll have the option to clean your party after battle, pet them, and feed them beans. Refresh unlocks almost immediately in the game, so you should be popping in every once in a while to give them some attention.

There are five ranks of affection to achieve with each Pokemon, and having high affection gives you extra benefits in battle. Pokemon will be move likely to dodge a move that you warn them of, or land a critical hit in hopes of getting your praise. It’s important to note that you’ll need a combination of petting and beans to raise affection. Of course, certain Pokemon will prefer certain types. You’ll know that their affection is ranking up when you see it emit little hearts and sparkle.

There are a couple of different ways to get beans throughout the game. The first time you enter a Pokemon Center in Alola, if you head over to the cafe on the left side, you’ll be given a bunch of different types. There’s a cafe in each Center across the islands. If you keep feeding beans to your party, the cafe owners will be so impressed that they’ll keep giving you more, and maybe even other items like Rare Candy in the future.

The second way of getting them involves your own personal island known as Poke Pelago. After completing the second trial, you’ll gain access to this option in your menu, where you’ll get to develop them and see your Pokemon. At the center of your island is a giant stalk that you can shake several times a day to get some more. If you develop your island, you’ll be able to get more beans with each shake.

There’s also a crate in Poke Pelago that you can put beans inside of, and attract wild Pokemon.

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