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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Trade Pokemon


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Trade Pokemon

Wonder Trade is back.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Trading Pokemon

Trading has been a part of every Pokemon game since the first generation, so naturally you can expect it to make a return in Sun and Moon as well. To unlock the trading function in the game, first you need to obtain the Rotom Pokedex. You can get it fairly early on in the game by following the story, and talking to the professor at his research lab. Once he hands you the Rotom Pokedex, open up the in-game menu with the X button and look for the Festival Plaza option.

This will take you to your very own Festival Plaza, which is where you interact with other players via the internet or local connections. Talk to Sophocles to progress the tutorial, and once you complete it, you’ll have access to the lower screen menu. Click on the button that says ‘Trade,’ and you’ll have the option of trading Pokemon with other players, or engaging in Wonder Trade. Wonder Trade is a feature that lets you trade in any Pokemon, and you’ll be matched up with a random player, and obtain whatever Pokemon they choose to put in.

If you want to trade Pokemon with your friends, you’ll have to make sure you’re on each other’s friend lists. After that, hit the bottom right icon in the lower screen to connect to the internet. Both parties need to be connected before you can trade Pokemon with each other.

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