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Pokemon Sun and Moon: What Island Scan Does


Pokemon Sun and Moon: What Island Scan Does

Island Scan – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduces plenty of new mechanics to make even the oldest of players feel like they’re going through a whole new adventure. One such feature is the ability to scan QR codes for these ‘mons in order to add them to your Pokedex and see where they usually reside. Here is our guide for the QR codes of old Pokemon, and here are the QR codes for new Alola Pokemon, by the way. Island Scan, on the other hand, takes this concept even further than that.

In order to use Island Scan, you must first scan 10 QR codes. Note that this is your limit for each day, anyway. Once you’ve scanned then, you will have enough points to trigger Island Scan by pressing X and then holding down A. You will then be shown a rare one in its silhouette form, and will have an hour to find it and catch it. Don’t worry, though, because it will tell you which island and region you will need to look within.

Once you have that running, go to that location and get to hunting for that Pokemon! You will have a chance at a rare one that you wouldn’t find so easily otherwise. And all it takes is 10 QR scans a day!

For more Pokemon Sun and Moon help, check out our wiki for guides and tips.

More on Island Scanning

This is a whole new feature to the series, but it’s nonetheless very welcomed. Whatever makes it easier for trainers to catch Pokemon is fine by them, right? It’s a bit of a mystery how the player even has their hands on it, possibly due to the Rotom Pokemon being the culprit. But either which way, it’s a great way to get rare pocket monsters you would be unlikely to find out in the wild yourself.

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