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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Get Pikachu


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Get Pikachu

Pikachu – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon has a ton of new Pokemon for all of you trainers to get out there and catch, but there are some classics that are a must have. One of those classics is Pikachu, and luckily enough you don’t have to go too far to find one. It turns out that their habitat of choice is Melemele Island, the very Alola Island that you start your journey on. There are two areas you can find this elusive electric mouse.

The first is the area just between where you live and where you meet the Kahuna for the Festival. Just before going up the first flight of stairs, there are two grass patches to either side of you. Just search both until you encounter a Pikachu.

The second area is the city located at the bottom of the west side of Melemele Island. All of the grass patches in that area have the chance to spawn this particular Pokemon. So just walk around and make sure you have a supply of Poke Balls on you.

You won’t find Pikachu on any other island, so if you really want one for your journey, take your time and seek it out before heading off to bigger and better things. Additionally, keep in mind that you can always catch a Pichu and evolve it, if you would rather put the time into that!

If you need any more help with Pokemon Sun and Moon, make sure to check out our growing wiki.

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