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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Heal Your Pokemon


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Heal Your Pokemon

Rub those bellies!

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Healing Your Pokemon

In Sun and Moon, the Pokemon Refresh feature allows you to feed your Pokemon with Poke Beans, and rub their bellies to increase their affection for you. However, it also lets you heal your Pokemon and remove status ailments after battle. Sure, you could use an Antidote to remove the poison status effect, but why waste an item when you can just rub that poison away?

If your Pokemon gets hit with a status effect, be sure to hit the Y button at the end of the battle to care of your Pokemon. Hit the icon on the top left corner to view the tools that you have. Some will allow you to groom your Pokemon and keep them neat and tidy, while others will let you remove status ailments. Choose the appropriate tool that your Pokemon needs, and then start rubbing them with the selected tool. Continue this until the status ailment goes away, and your Pokemon will do a happy little dance to show that it’s okay now. After that, you can continue feeding it Poke Beans and rubbing its belly and head.

Of course, if your Pokemon is low on health, remember to bring it to the nearest Pokemon Center or use a potion.

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