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Every Japanese Game Shown Off During E3 2019


Every Japanese Game Shown Off During E3 2019

This year’s E3 has been filled with some incredible games from all over, but if you happen to be a fan of games from the land of the rising sun, then you’re in luck. Here is every Japanese game showed off during the press conferences at E3 2019.

Elden Ring

elden ring

While we all kind of knew that Elden Ring was a thing before it was announced during Microsoft’s Xbox E3 conference, it was still somewhat of a shock for fans to see that the legendary creator of the Dark Souls series, Hidetaka Miyazaki, working with the incredibly talented George R.R. Martin (writer and creator of A Song of Ice and Fire) on a new title.

This new game by FromSoftware will be pairing both of their brilliant minds together to create a new mysterious world, retaining the heavy emphasis on RPG elements of previous games such as Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 1-3, and Bloodborne.

If you want to know 10 fast facts about Elden Ring, you can check out a recent detailing of the game here.

Fans of FromSoftware who weren’t particularly too fond of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can rest assured that this looks like a true successor to the Dark Souls series of games, but now we can look forward to some awe-inspiring writing and lore from George R.R. Martin to bring the game to the next level.

If you happened to miss the official reveal and trailer for the game, we got you covered.

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