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10 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Elden Ring

elden ring

10 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Elden Ring

While it was leaked prior to E3, it was still exciting to officially hear that George R.R. Martin was collaborating with FromSoftware to produce a new role-playing game. That RPG was revealed as Elden Ring at Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference, and even though it was just a CGI trailer, it was enough to get fans hyped.

Here’s a list of quick, fast facts we know about Elden Ring.

GRRM Wrote the Mythos for the Game World

Contrary to what we’d initially though, Martin wasn’t just a consultant for Elden Ring. In the Xbox interview with Director Hidetaka Miyazaki, it was revealed that once the collaboration started and both project leads started discussing themes, Martin began writing the entire mythos for the game world in Elden Ring.

This is pretty huge. This essentially means that Martin had helped to build this world from the ground up, establishing its lore, rules, and fantasy elements. Given the fact that the world-building in A Song of Ice and Fire was pretty stellar, this can only mean good things for FromSoft’s new game.

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