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12 Biggest No-Shows of E3 2021


12 Biggest No-Shows of E3 2021


Biggest No-Shows at E3 2021

e3 2021 no shows

A new Fable game from developer Playground Games got officially announced last summer, so it would’ve been nice to at least get a bit of an update on the progress of the game. Instead, it was one of the biggest no-shows of E3 2021. After seeing Playground Games unveil Forza Horizon 5, it became abundantly clear that their time was probably being spent elsewhere.

It makes complete sense, even though the lack of Fable at Xbox’s E3 event was disappointing for fans. At least the game got mentioned, and some old footage was shown in a little sizzle reel at the end of the stream. Fable was a no-show, but at least it wasn’t completely forgotten.

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