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Granblue Fantasy Versus Gets New Screenshots and Details About DLC and Bosses

Granblue Fantasy Versus (12)

Granblue Fantasy Versus Gets New Screenshots and Details About DLC and Bosses

Following the reveal of the upcoming DLC for Granblue Fantasy Versus, publisher Xseed followed up with new screenshots and info for the western markets. 

Following the reveal of the upcoming DLC for Granblue Fantasy Versus at Granblue Fes 2019, publisher Xseed Games followed up with new screenshots and info for the western markets.

We get an official description and screenshots for the RPG Mode’s final boss Chaos Bringer, who will be unlockable via gameplay or you can purchase him via DLC if you prefer not to bother.

More information and images are about Narmaya, Soriz, and Djeeta, who will populate the rest of the first Character pass, and Belial, who will usher the second.

Let’s start with the images.

And here’s all the related info directly from the press release. It’s worth reminding that one last character remains to be revealed for the first season pass, and they will be unveiled in March by Cygames via Granblue Fantasy’s 6th-anniversary livestream.

Chaos Bringer

Chaos Bringer was revealed as the RPG mode final boss of Granblue Fantasy: Versus. This mysterious “hooded figure” was featured in the original Granblue Fantasy’s popular “What Makes the Sky Blue” series of events. Upon the game’s release, he will appear only as a boss, however, an update planned for late February will add him as a playable character that can be unlocked by completing the RPG mode. Chaos Bringer will also be unlockable by purchasing the season 1 DLC, without completing the RPG mode.


One of the Astrals who invaded the Sky Realm thousands of years ago, long before the War broke out. Chaos Bringer was sealed away in Pandemonium until the fallen angel Belial released him from his forced slumber. Obsessed with becoming the supreme being, he wields a substance capable of slaying immortals—chaos matter. And at his beck and call is Avatar, the manifestation of destruction. Sky Realm, Astral Realm, Crimson Horizon—his hands will mold these realms into one so that he may stand above all in creation.

Narmaya: Fighting style

With Narmaya, players can switch between two different stances—Dawnfly and Freeflutter— each of which allows her to use different skills, for a highly technical fighting style.

Soriz: Fighting style

An excellent swarmer. His skills will be enhanced by activating his super skybound art. (Super skybound art is a super move that can be activated when the charge gauge is full, and HP is 30% or lower.)

Djeeta: Fighting style

Like Gran, Djeeta offers a simple, well-rounded play style.

Despite the fact that the Granblue Fantasy mobile game isn’t officially available in the west, looks like Xseed and Cygames will still offer the bonuses that you can unlock in it by purchasing and playing Versus and its DLC.

  • Clear RPG mode to get 5,000 crystals
  • Clear RPG mode on Hard difficulty to get the Vyrn costume outfit for the main character.
    • * Players who already have this outfit will get 3,000 crystals instead.
  • DLC character purchase rewards:
    • Chaos Bringer: Obtain one weapon not yet released in Granblue Fantasy early
    • Narmaya: Special Narmaya outfit
    • Soriz: Special Soriz outfit
    • Djeeta: Special class outfit for the main character

If you’d like to learn more about Granblue Fantasy Versus, you can read my recent hands-on preview and our interview with game director Tetsuya Fukuhara.

You can also check out a ton of recent screenshots, a trailer showcasing the soundtrack, another starring Zeta and Vaseraga, , one revealing Meteraone showing off the RPG Mode, a few screenshots from a few months ago, another trailer revealing Percival and his first gameplayanother video announcing the previous character Ladiva, and the video that came before featuring Lowain.

Six more English trailers have also been recently revealed, featuring GranKatalina, CharlottaFerryLancelotPercivalLowainLadivaMeteraZeta, and Vaseraga.

Granblue Fantasy versus releases in Japan on February 6, 2020, for PS4. For now, the western release is simply marked for Q1 2020.

Incidentally, the original Granblue Fantasy mobile game is available for iOS, Android, and PC via browsers. If you want to give it a try to prepare for the release of the console games and to take advantage of the bonuses mentioned above, you can read my detailed guide on how to create an account, install the game, and play in English.

Last, but certainly not least, you can enjoy yesterday’s reveal for Granblue Fantasy Relink for PS4. Cygames has kept us waiting, but they have certainly delivered.

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