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PS5 Reveal Event: Every Game Ranked by Hype

#26 – NBA 2K21

Oh boy, an annualized franchise that comes out every year on PS4 is also getting a PS5 game? To be fair the NBA 2K21 trailer was kind of hype, but this announcement didn’t move the meter much. The digital version of Zion Williamson looked great, but this title was no surprise.

#25 – GTA V

GTA V is an awesome game, but it’s been on every console since the PS3 era. It’s hard to get hyped about this game anymore. If anything this announcement was kind of a bummer since it might indicate that GTA VI is not a PS5 game yet.

#24 – GTA Online

The hype levels here are just about as low as they are for GTA V. This announcement was only more exciting because it’s coming to PS5 for free. It was also kind of lame to start out a next-gen presentation with title from two generations ago.

#23 – Destruction AllStars

Is it Rocket League? Is it Fortnite? Maybe it’s just a combination of both. Destruction AllStars looked like a decent game, but it was just a mess of action without any kind of useful narration. This new IP certainly could have used at least a little bit of explanation.

#22 – Astro’s Playroom

Well, there’s your cute little tech demo for the PS5. At first, it almost seemed like it was going to be an Astro Bot sequel, but then it slowly became clear that it was just a new Playroom. Astro is an adorable character and the new graphics look great, but it’s hard to get excited about a tech demo.

#21 – Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Everyone’s favorite little burlap sack mascot is back at it again. This time around, he’s jumping into the third dimension. While a change like this would normally be pretty exciting for a 3D platformer, the past few Little Big Planet games have been rather uninspiring.

#20 – Little Devil Inside

The duality of this trailer with the old man going about his daily tasks and the shots of a smaller man inside adventuring inside his body was pretty entertaining. It just didn’t inspire as much hype as most of the other games revealed at the PS5 event.

#19 – Godfall

In a presentation where everyone brought their ‘A game’, Gearbox decided it would bring a trailer with some relatively pedestrian combat. Godfall still looks like it’ll be a fun game, but it just would have been nice to see why I should spring for this title on PS5 instead of PC.

#18 – Kena: Bridge of Spirits

This game looks incredible and extremely adorable. The little black fluffy creatures that assist the protagonist would make for a great plushy. But, it’s not just all cuteness in the trailer. The environments and lighting look so good that they could be right out of a Pixar film.

#17 – Goodbye Volcano High

This is another one of those games where we didn’t see gameplay, but in this case, it’s fine. These narrative adventure games don’t have the most exciting gameplay to show off. However, it’s clear from the trailer that Goodbye Volcano High is going to have great writing and voice acting.

#16 – Bugsnax

What do you do after creating a game where you’re an Octopus pretending to be a human dad? You make a game about an island filled with sentient fruit and hamburgers. And then when you eat them you grow appendages made of the food you ate. Hype as heck.

#15 – Project Athia

Now we’re getting into the heavy hitters. Square Enix didn’t reveal anything Final Fantasy-related, but they absolutely didn’t need to. Project Athia looks absolutely fantastic. It would definitely be higher on the list if Square Enix had revealed more info about the game.

#14 – Stray

A game where you roam around a post-human city as a cute little kitty? Count me in! The way the cat in this trailer easily traverses the city from the street up to vehicles and then onto awnings looks so fun. Also, there’s a surprising amount of color in this mostly dark and dreary trailer.

#13 – Solar Ash

You’d think it would be hard to follow up the main character jumping into a black hole at the start of the trailer. But no. The Solar Ash trailer only got better from there. The otherworldly environments are well-made and this massive world we see at the end is just begging to be explored.

#12 – Oddworld: Soulstorm

This would probably be higher on the list if we didn’t already know about the existence of the game. Oddworld: Soulstorm looks so good for the PS5. We’ve already seen PS4 demos at E3, but this trailer just looks much cleaner. The lighting and character detail are mind-boggling.

#11 – Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo always looks incredible, but somehow Polyphony Digital upped its game yet again with Gran Turismo 7. The light shining on the interior of the vehicle was stunning. Whatsmore, the audio was spectacular and truly gave you the feeling of sitting in the driver’s seat.

#10 – Hitman III

The use of cloud cover around the higher floors of the Burj Khalifa in this trailer is so smart. It looks beautiful and you can the level design is gonna be great. Also, any new Hitman game is gonna be super hype because Agent 47 is the biggest name in stealth right now with an absence of Snake and Sam Fisher.

#9 – Ghostwire Tokyo

Looks like Slenderman and headless schoolgirls are running amok in Tokyo. Jokes aside, this trailer truly captures the beauty of Tokyo at night. It also shows off a cast of truly horrifying-looking ghosts that you must slay in order to save the city.

#8 – Pragmata

What am I even looking at here? There’s a spaceman, a small girl who can breathe in space, a satellite, travel through a portal, and landing on the Moon all in just about two minutes. There’s no indication of what this game is about, but it’s hard to question Capcom at this point with the roll it’s on.

#7 – Returnal

Returnal is going to be one trippy action roguelike sci-fi game. It’ll be interesting to see how it rolls in the roguelike mechanic of dying into the story. For now, just the idea of that is enough to make this announcement hype. And then they had to go and show off these wild-looking enemies. Returnal game is looking great.

#6 – Resident Evil Village

The RE Engine is the gift that keeps on giving for fans of the Resident Evil franchise. The trailer is devoid of color, yet the lighting paints enough light onto the dark surfaces to make them look beautiful. It looks like Village is going to deliver on even more of that haunting world-building that RE is known for.

#5 – Deathloop

This appears to be another roguelike title with a unique concept. The voice acting sounds fantastic and the idea of playing as someone being hunted for sport is terrifying. Your killer could be around any corner, but you have a kickass arsenal to fight back against the killers.

#4 – Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

Jak is gone, Sly is no more, but Ratchet & Clank just keep on going strong. And now they have the PS5’s SSD to help introduce new features like jumping between worlds in an instant. This was the most impressive use of the SSD we saw all day and I can’t stop thinking about how good it looked.

#3 – Demon’s Souls Remaster

Finally, the game that started it all is coming to the PS5. Back on the PS3, Demon’s Souls was essentially a niche title. Now Dark Souls and Bloodborne have popularized this type of game. And the new coat of paint will let this old game rival those newer ones in terms of looks.

#2 – Horizon II Forbidden West

It finally happened and thank god it’s not called Horizon One Dawn. The dilapidated version of the San Francisco skyline we see at the end is simultaneously shocking and beautiful. Everything in this trailer is mind-blowing and a massive step up from the original.

#1 – Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man is back on Playstation this holiday season. This time around, Miles Morales dons the mask of everyone’s favorite web-slinging hero. The new suit we see in the trailer vaguely resembles Miles’ suit from Into the Spider-Verse with a slick black base and eye-catching red accents.

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