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Tower of Fantasy Trailer Reveal Global Theme Song “Clan” by milet

Tower of Fantasy
Image Source: Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy Trailer Reveal Global Theme Song “Clan” by milet

The theme song of the global version of Tower of Fantasy has been revealed in a new trailer.

Tower of Fantasy has launched globally a few days ago, and today Level Infinite and Hotta Studio had a treat in store for the fans.

A new trailer focused on revealing the theme song of the global version titled “Clan” performed by Japanese singer milet.

The trailer also provides a cinematic look to some of the game’s many characters in action.

You can check it out below.

Tower of Fantasy has been released on August 11, 2022, for PC, iOS, and Android. 

If you’d like to learn more about the game, you can read our review. You can also enjoy a trailer focusing on the worldanother on the storyone about mountsanother about combatone about motorcycling, one about the charactersone about Form II, and one about customization.

More videos showcase methods of traversal like runningmotorcycling, and swimming, showing how you can explore the vast open world of planet Aida in different ways.

Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world RPG set hundreds of years in the future on the distant planet Aida. Developed by Hotta Studio, it certainly wears its anime inspiration on the sleeve and features a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story, deep character development, and exciting action combat.

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