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Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

As Dusk Falls

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

The official cast of As Dusk Falls and their previous works in their careers.

With the release of As Dusk Falls gradually approaching, it’s a great time to look over the cast of the exciting interactive game. In the exclusive debut, you may notice a few familiar faces and voices of the video game industry, along with other talents taking on a more prominent role in this storyline. So, here’s a list of every known actor and actress joining the roster of As Dusk Falls.

Ryan Nolan – Jay Holt

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Ryan Nolan
Source: Ryan Nolan’s Instagram

Ryan Nolan takes on the role of Jay Holt, one of As Dusk Falls’ main protagonists. The actor recently appeared in several movies and television shows, including Becoming Elizabeth and the critically acclaimed movie 1917. While making short films with Newcastle’s Tyneside Cinema, he was discovered shortly after and now takes on a new part in this latest game.

According to the trailer and Jay Holt’s character bio on the official website, he is a teenager who loves nature and often goes to the woods to escape the troubles of home. Unfortunately, things take a dramatic turn when he gets caught in a burglary scheme at Two Rock, and he must suffer through the actions caused by his family members.

Alex Jarrett – Zoe Walker

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Alex Jarett
Source: Alex Jarett’s Instagram

Alex Jarrett plays the part of Zoe Walker, a character that lives through the events of the burglary as a child and is impacted fourteen years later as a young woman. Additionally, the actress has been in the TV mini-series Les Miserables, BBC’s Doctors, and Adult Material.

In her role as Zoe, she is one of the few survivors of the Two Rock incident and tries to live her life as best as she can even after the horrible events. Although many years have passed, the threats of the incident are still alive and well, with someone currently following her. So, to ensure that Zoe doesn’t spiral downwards, she leans on her grandpa Jim for guidance and comfort.

Elias Toufexis – Vince Walker

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Vince Walker
Source: Elias Toufexis IMDb

The character, Vince Walker, is voiced by Elias Toufexis, an actor that has kept busy for the past decade. He has been in many TV shows, like Star Trek: Discovery and The Expanse. In addition, he has used his voice talents in multiple video games, such as Gotham Knights, Horizon Forbidden West, Genshin Impact, and many more.

In As Dusk Falls, Elias plays the father of Zoe and the dedicated husband to Michelle. However, due to the loss of his aircraft mechanic job, he takes drastic measures to acquire money, ultimately changing the fate of his family forever.

Terence Booth – Jim

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Terence Booth
Source: XboxPublishing Twitter

Terence Booth is an occasional actor that takes on the role of Jim, the grandpa to Zoe and father to Vince, who also has dementia. Looking at the As Dusk Falls trailer, we can see that he was there at Two Rock and seemingly lives through the events afterward.

Joining alongside Terence is Jessie, a canine sidekick named “Zeus” within the game. As Dusk Falls’ Technical Director, Ron, adopted the adorable dog and incorporated Jessie’s talents with the help of INTERIOR/NIGHT’s 2D team.

Source: XboxPublishing Twitter

Erica Lutrell – Michelle

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Erica Luttrell
Source: Erica Lutrell IMDb

Erica Lutrell has been in a fair share of popular movies, TV shows, and video games. She is famous for her roles in HBO’s Westworld as New Mother and a few different characters in Steven Universe. Furthermore, Erica has been a notable voice actress in the gaming industry, such as her parts as Zo in Horizon Forbidden West and Bangalore in Apex Legends.

When it comes to As Dusk Falls, she portrays the character Michelle, the mother to Zoe and wife to Vince. Although her fate remains a mystery, we know that the Two Rock incident causes a rift in her marriage.

Jane Perry – Sharon

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Jane Perry
Source: Jane Perry IMDb

Jane Perry plays the role of Sharon, a character that has a vague storyline in the game. Like her fellow castmates, she has been around the block in Hollywood and the video game industry, including her roles in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Returnal, and Phantom Thread.

In the As Dusk Falls trailer, we can see the police chasing after her character, so she will undoubtedly have some part to play in this interactive story.

Jack Bandeira – Dale

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Jack Bandeira
Source: Jack Bandeira IMDb

The actor Jack Bandeira is taking on the role of Dale in As Dusk Falls. In addition, he has been on several Netflix originals, like Sex Education, Lockwood & Co, Gunpowder Milkshake, and The Witcher. Moreover, he has also been in movies, such as Venom: Let There Be Carnage and The Duke.

Although Jack’s character isn’t explicitly shown in the trailer for the game, you can possibly see Dale as one of the robbers.

Kosha Engler – Becky

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Kosha Engler
Source: Kosha Engler IMDb

As a veteran in the voice acting world of gaming, Kosha Englers plays the part of Becky in this latest game. She’s been in several popular DC movies, including The Batman and Wonder Woman 1984. She has also worked on Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Horizon Forbidden West. However, there is no official news about her role as Becky in As Dusk Falls.

Sam Douglas – Bear

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Sam Douglas
Source: Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain Behind the Scenes

Sam Douglas’ portrayal of Bear can be seen in the newest trailer, where he talks to the main character, Jay. Since 1983, the actor has been in many roles in the industry, involved in projects such as Killing Eve, Colombiana, and Snatch. As for his parts in the gaming world, we can hear his voice talents in Horizon Zero Dawn, Killzone: Mercenary, and as his most famous character, Scott Shelby, in Heavy Rain.

Francisco Labbe – Dante Romero

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Francisco Labbe
Source: Francisco Labbe IMDb

As Dusk Falls’ character, Dante Romero, is voiced by the actor Francisco Labbe. His roles have mainly been in TV shows such as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and Paramount+’s Halo. One of his most notable projects is in The 355, where he plays Juan in the action-packed thriller. Unfortunately, there isn’t much known about his character in As Dusk Falls.

Rhydian Jones – Paul

Meet the Voice Actors of As Dusk Falls’ Cast

Rhydian Jones
Source: Rhydian Jones IMDb

Rhydian Jones joins the cast as Paul, an unknown member of the game. His acting career began in 1996, and he has been in multiple TV shows and movies, including 8 Days That Made Rome, Bang, and Doctors. What’s more, we will have to wait for more information about his part in As Dusk Falls until the game releases.

Hopefully, as time progresses, we will learn about the vague storylines within the game, like Dante and Becky. Of course, we can still look forward to an expansion of details for the three main characters: Jay, Zoe, and Vince. If you are interested in playing As Dusk Falls, you can check it out when it releases on July 19; currently available for preload on Xbox and PC. Be sure to also explore other major popular titles from Xbox Games Showcase.

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