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Halo Paramount+ TV Series First-Look Trailer Revealed

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Halo Paramount+ TV Series First-Look Trailer Revealed

Earlier today during The Game Awards, the first-look trailer was revealed for the live-action Halo tv series coming to the Paramount+ streaming service in 2022.

Throughout this trailer, we see many different characters and multiple massively impressive set pieces. Even though it is an episodic program, it looks like Halo will have a decent amount of money going towards the production.

The Halo trailer begins with a wide shot of some mountains and a ship flying into a valley below. Shortly thereafter we briefly see Master Chief walking around some sandy ruins, but it’s not a clear shot from the front of the protagonist.

The Halo trailer then continues with narration and close-up shots of a few different characters and mind-blowing visuals.

It all wraps up with a proper shot of Master Chief jumping down onto the ground and landing in a hero pose like the cover of Halo 4.

The Halo tv series begins streaming exclusively on Paramount+ starting next year. However, it’s not entirely clear which month or even what season it may release. You can check out the first-look trailer for the Halo series down below or right here. Halo fans should also check out our review of the latest game in the franchise right here.

And if you’re just like Geoff Keighley can you just can’t get enough world premieres, then you’ll want to check out the whole Game Awards 2021 stream down below.

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