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New Persona 5 Royal Trailers Show Kasumi, New Features in Palaces and Battle, and More

Persona 5 Royal

New Persona 5 Royal Trailers Show Kasumi, New Features in Palaces and Battle, and More

Today Atlus released two new videos of the upcoming Persona 5 improved re-release Persona 5 Royal.

First of all, we take an extended look at Kasumi’s trailer, with Persona talking about her and mentioning that it’ll be interesting to see if she’s actually a friend or an enemy.

Then we move on to a Questions & Answers section in which we learn that Persona 5 Royal will have a Theater/gallery feature that will allow you to watch past events. On top of that, elements related to Goro Akechi’s will be expanded in some way, even if there is no clear information on what that entails.

The third part of the first video, which is also reproduced in a stand-alone way in the second video showcases new features coming to combat and palaces.

First of all, there will be strong enemies named “Kyouma.” If you defeated them, you can receive rare items. Treasure named “Ishi” can also be found in palaces, and gathering them all will grant a rare accessory.

The wire will let you move around easier and take by surprise shadows from longer distances. On top of that, a customization option for guns will let you apply various beneficial effects.

You can watch the videos below.

If you want to see more about the upcoming game, you can enjoy a recent trailer in English, a batch of gameplay screenshots, the trailer focusing on new character Kasuminew gameplay featuring the Hatsumode visit to the shrine on New Year, quite a few screenshots of the gamea few more gameplay videos, and another batch.

If you’re interested in Persona 5, you should also check out our interview with Good Smile Company on how Ann Takamaki was turned into an adorable Nendoroid. You’ll probably also enjoy the teaser video of the Valentine’s Day special episode of the anime, especially if you love Ann or Makoto.

Persona 5 Royal is releasing in Japan on October 31, 2019, exclusively for PS4, and in the west in 2020.

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