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Top 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy Tips & Tricks

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Image Credit: Avalanche Software

Top 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy Tips & Tricks

Read this before you pick a fight with dark wizards.

Hogwarts Legacy is arguably one of the most highly anticipated games in 2023, and many people are eager to explore the world of Harry Potter. Before you recklessly jump into the unknown, it may be wise to gain some helpful hints to ease your journey. Here are the top 10 best Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks you don’t want to miss.

Cast Revelio Often

Hogwarts Legacy player character.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software

Revelio will be the number one spell you will cast in Hogwarts Legacy because it can show you every important item in your vicinity. If you ever get stuck on a puzzle, just cast the charm, and it should be able to give you a hint about any interactable object that could be the key to solving the problem.

The Revelio spell is also helpful in exploration because it can reveal interesting locations near you, such as magical beast dens, Treasure Vaults, and Merlin Trials. You can also make your Revelio more powerful by simply riding your mount. The spell will scan a wider area, allowing you to see notable spots from far away.

Collect Field Guide Pages

Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide page.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

There are several ways to increase your level in Hogwarts Legacy, but Field Guide pages can help you quickly level up in the early game. You can find many of them in Hogwarts, and if you see any unique portraits or statues, don’t hesitate to cast Revelio.

Some pages can even be found flying around in the air, and you can use Accio to pull them into your hand. When exploring the world outside of Hogwarts, you can locate Field Guide pages by visiting locations marked with Parchment Icons.

Focus on Main Quests

Hogwarts Legacy Trailer
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

After you have had your fill exploring Hogwarts, you may feel ready to roam the beautiful and magical world outside of your school. However, it may be wiser for you to be patient and focus on progressing through the main quests in the early game. Your main goal is to obtain some basic spells from your professors and buy your first broom after attending the Flying class.

Although you can sprint by pressing L3 or LS on your controller and Shift on your keyboard, flying will allow you to get to your desired location much faster. You can also ignore the winding roads and annoying enemies that can get in your way. As a bonus, if you ever get into a difficult fight, you can simply pull out your broom and fly away to safety.

Check Owl Post

Hogwarts Legacy Owl Post.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

One of the primary ways for you to receive new quests is through the Owl Post, which you should always check whenever you complete any main mission. Sometimes, the game will inform you that you have a new letter and read it out for you without opening your Field Guide.

However, there are times when the mail will remain unopen in your Owl Post. If you ever feel that you have not received any new main quests despite finishing one, you can skip forward the time and then check your Owl Post. A new letter should appear in it.

Complete Professors’ Assignments

Professor Mirabel Garlick
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

Although you can learn a handful of new spells from the main missions, you can obtain more charms by completing various assignments from your professors. Each professor will give you tasks based on their specialties.

For example, Professor Garlick will ask you to harvest some Fluxweed and use three combat plants simultaneously during combat. After you have completed your assignments, she will teach you the Flipendo charm as a reward.

Gaining all spells (except for unforgivable curses) will be crucial because you will require a specific charm to solve certain puzzles. There are also missions that can only be unlocked once you have learned a particular spell. Having many charms can even be helpful in combat since you can use another spell in your other spell set instead of waiting for the cooldowns to be over.

Unlock Spell Sets

Hogwarts Legacy Spell Sets.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

After you have completed the Jackdaw’s Rest main quest, you will be able to access the Talent menu in your Field Guide. While upgrading your spell to become more powerful is good, the talent you need to prioritize getting is Spell Knowledge in the Core section. It will unlock extra spell sets that can make switching between charms less of a chore.

You can gain up to three extra spell sets, which lets you assign up to 16 charms that you will be able to use on the fly. Spell Knowledge I and II can be obtained once you have reached Level 5, while the last one will be available at Level 16.

Complete Merlin Trials

Keenbridge Merlin Trial
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

Opening chests and grabbing anything not nailed down may be a common habit of many players. Sadly, there is only so much space in your inventory, and you will soon find yourself unable to take that shiny new hat. The answer to your plight is the Trials of Merlin.

You can begin this challenge by speaking to Nora Treadwell after saving her from several Ashwinders. She will inform you that you must use Mallowsweet to activate these puzzles, and you’ll gain extra gear slots as you continue completing trials.

Sell Your Gear

Sell items menu in Hogwarts Legacy.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

No matter how fast you try to complete all Merlin Trials you find, there will be a point where you run out of space. Instead of keeping every item you collect or, worse, destroying them, you can safely sell gear with lower stats than your current equipment. If you like specific gear because it matches your choice of fashion, you can change the appearance of your current equipment by going to the Gear menu.

Selling gear is a great way to get more Galleons which you will need to buy various recipes from shop owners in Hogsmeade. You don’t need to go to a specific merchant to sell your items because all of them will buy your gear at the same price.

Open Eye Chests

Hogwarts Legacy Eye Chest.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

You may already stumble upon these weird chests with big eyes that won’t let your grabby hands take their content. That is understandable, considering that each holds 500 Galleons, which is a lot in the early game.

You will need to be invisible to open Eye Chests. So, you can either take an Invisibility Potion or cast the Disillusionment Charm. Using the spell is preferable because it is free, and you can learn it from your trusty friend, Sebastian, during the Tomes and Tribulations quest.

Grow Plants

Hogwarts Legacy Potting Station.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

If you haven’t noticed already, many items in the shops cost an arm and a leg, and unlike Harry Potter, we are all poor students who don’t have a mountain of Galleons to spend. Instead of wasting your money by buying potion ingredients, you need to buy seeds and plant them in the Room of Requirement. Save your money and buy Potting Station blueprints from the Tomes and Scrolls shop, and you can grow various kinds of plants for all your needs.

Besides growing potion ingredients, you can also plant combat plants, like Mandrakes, that can help you in battles. You can even cultivate Mallowsweet, so you don’t need to purchase any leaves from the Magic Neep for an egregious price of 100 Galleons.

That’s the end of our top 10 best Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks guide. Be sure to check out our other articles if you need more help to beat this game.

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