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Can You Name These Classic Tom Cruise Films From Just a Quote? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Tom Cruise quote quiz
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Can You Name These Classic Tom Cruise Films From Just a Quote? Take This Quiz to Find Out

You’ll need to make all the right moves in our latest quiz!

He wants you to show him the money. He wants you to help him, help you. He wants to be a good man again. Who on earth could this chap be? Yep, you guessed it: it’s none other than the one and only Tom Cruise, folks!

A Hollywood icon, a suave and debonair gent, and one of the most recognizable faces in, well… the world, ol’ TC is simply the gift that keeps on giving. So, to celebrate the award-winning movie star, we thought we’d put together a quote quiz to test your knowledge of the devilishly handsome fella.

Honestly, it couldn’t be easier. We’ll give you a quote from one of his famous pics, and all you need to do is identify what film the quote is from. Could it be balls-to-the-wall actioner Top Gun? Could it be the box office disaster that is The Mummy? Or could it be the bonkers, side-splitting hilarity of Tropic Thunder? The choice is yours!

So, without further delay, whip up a long island iced tea and hop in your cockpits as we take on Twinfinite’s quiz of the day. Can you name all these classic Tom Cruise films from just a single quote? Let’s find out, shall we? Good luck!

Can You Guess These Tom Cruise Movies by Just a Quote? Take This Trivia Quiz to Find Out

"Lightning never strikes in the same place twice."
"You bet your butt."
"I'm afraid you'll break my heart."
"How's your poem coming?"
"I will not apologize for who I am. I will not apologize for what I need. I will not apologize for what I *want*!"
"What do you want from me? My soul?"
"People say that if you don't love America, then get the hell out. Well, I love America."
"Oh, yes I did. I won my life back. YOU don't run me, and THEY don't run me!"
"Jesus, everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn't end."

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