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Which Summer Games Fest Reveal Should You Play? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

The best games for you this year!

This Summer Games Fest showcased the big and upcoming names in gaming coming in 2024/2025. Xbox Games Showcase, Ubisoft Forward, IGN Live, and many more announced games for this huge event. With such a huge list of amazing titles, it can be hard to choose which one is best for you, but we can help! Take our Summer Games Fest quiz to find out which title you should play.

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Summer Games Fest 2024 Quiz

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This year, there is a game to suit everyone. You are guaranteed to find the perfect title, no matter your platform or preferred genre. Some of these games you will recognize while others are a welcome surprise! Try our quick quiz to find out what game is perfect for you from the Summer Games Fest list.

Which Summer Games Fest Reveal Should You Play?

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Do you prefer first-person or third-person gameplay?
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Choose a video game genre:
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Single Player or Multiplayer?
4 of 10
Choose an era of video gaming:
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Choose an iconic video game character:
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Choose a gaming platform:
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Why do you play video games?
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Choose a weapon:
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Choose a method of transportation:
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Finally, what is your preferred snack when gaming?

What game did you end up with? Click the Play Again option if you want to try and get a different option. Choose some alternate answers to see what you get! Don’t forget to share with your friends to see what they should try this year.

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