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13 Best Fortnite Posters for 2024, Ranked

The best Battle Royale decor!

Fortnite has grown its fanbase to millions over the years with heaps of merch to choose from! One of the best ways to show your dedication to the game is to adorn your walls with posters and wall hangings. There are so many to choose from, but luckily for you we have collated the best 13 Fortnite posters in 2024. Check them out in our ranked list below!

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13. Fortnite Sunset Battle Bus Poster

Image Source: Amazon

This high-quality print shows the Fortnite Battle Bus against a serene sunset. The red, pink, and yellow hues certainly make that classic blue Fortnite bus pop! You can choose from a framed or unframed style, and in multiple sizes between 8″x10″ to 24″x36″. Every poster is printed in high resolution using waterproof ink onto poster canvas to ensure durability. This means you can have this poster on your wall for years to come! Now, don’t forget to thank the bus driver before you leave.

12. Fortnite Dance Emote Pop Art Poster

Image Source: Amazon

This super fun pop art style print shows various iconic Fortnite dance emotes from the classic default dance to the dab and the floss! Each white emoting silhouette stands out brilliantly against the bright colorful background. You have multiple sizes to choose from 8″x10″ to 24″x36″ to suit your space. A combo of high-quality ink and fine art lustre photo paper gives you the best possible quality poster. Every time you enter your room you’ll want to do a quick Jubilation emote!

11. TMNT Fortnite Victory Royale Poster

Image Source: Redbubble

Fortnite Chapter 5 brought us the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crossover we all wanted, which means more opportunities for epic poster designs. This fantastic poster by Nicita Designs shows our boy Raphael getting ready to chug a Slurp Juice. And it looks like he just got a Victory Royale! The poster colors shine thanks to the high-quality ink on heavy poster paper in a semi-gloss finish. Grab it in a range of sizes between 16″x23″ to 33″x46″.

10. Fortnite Phrases Infographic Poster

Image Source: Walmart

Next up we have a fun infographic-style print perfect for any gamer’s wall. The poster has a host of familiar Fortnite phrases from Double Pump to Rocket Ride! Vibrant and fun images and phrases from your favorite game fill every inch of the poster. The print comes in 24″x36″ as standard, perfect for any wall and long-lasting inks on durable poster paper create a long-lasting print. All you have to do now is grab that loot and get the dub!

9. Set of 6 Fortnite No.1 Character Prints

Image Source: Amazon

Our next offering in the list of best Fortnite posters is an amazing deal as you get six prints in one purchase! This set includes iconic Fortnite characters including Funk Ops, Drift, Rust Lord, Ragnarok, Cuddle Team Leader, and Raven. Each character print has its own splash of vibrant color and a no.1 icon above them. You can add all six in the set to your wall or share them with your squad! Each print is on good-quality poster paper in an 8″x10″ size.

8. Loot Llama Watercolor in Pink and Blue

Image Source: Redbubble

If your favorite Fortnite icon is the Loot Llama, then this may just be the poster for you. You can see the llama’s recognizable form in soft blues and purples using a watercolor art style. Designed by Shadow Inspired, this is truly a unique print of this famous llama. The poster is printed onto heavy poster paper for durability in a semigloss finish or you have the option to upgrade it to an art print or tapestry! You can get the poster print in sizes between 16″x23″ to 33″x46″, perfect for your game room wall.

7. Set of 6 Gaming Definitions Prints

Image Source: Amazon

If you are looking for more general gamer artwork to hang on your walls, then this set of six prints is perfection. Each one is a modern and stylish print showing the definition of well-known gamer phrases or words used by Fortnite players across the world! They are created using the highest quality paper and ink for long-lasting decor but last even longer if you frame them. The 8″x10″ prints even come with free glue dots to help you put each one up quickly and easily.

6. Fortnite XL Wall Hanging

Image Source: Amazon

This next recommendation is perfect for gamers who have a large wall they need to decorate. The image shows a huge glowing Fortnite ‘F’ floating above the island with plenty of detail below. Made from durable flannel cotton, this huge tapestry is printed in high definition to keep it vibrant and bright. You can hang it easily using finishing nails on any wall large enough! Choose from 60″x40″, 80″x60″ or 93″x71″, or contact the seller for further customizations.

5. Set of 6 Fortnite Iconic Character Watercolor Prints

Image Source: Amazon

Starting off our top five is another amazing deal with six prints in one set! This collection includes more recognizable Fortnite characters including Fishsticks, Fireworks Team Leader, Loot Llama, Crackshot, Leviathan, and Tomatohead. Each character is printed onto a white background with a splash effect of vivid color. Keep all six in the set to your wall or share them with your team! Each print is 8″10″ and is printed using the best long-lasting ink onto good-quality poster paper.

4. Royale Nights Fortnite Llama Print

Image Source: Redbubble

Another of the best Fortnite posters is this gorgeous design by The Rocket Man. ‘Royale Nights’ shows the silhouettes of Loopers dropping from the Battle Bus against a beautiful sunset, all set within the frame of a Loot Llama head. The image is printed using high-quality inks onto gallery-grade 100% cotton paper for long-lasting vibrancy. You can choose from a range of sizes including 12″ by 16″, 16″x20″, 18″x24″ and 24″x32″. Each print has a white border to support framing, which is highly recommended for a quality print like this!

3. Fortnite Retro Travel Poster

Image Source: Amazon

If you are looking for something classy and maybe a little understated but still pure Fortnite, then this print is perfect. The style is reminiscent of those retro British travel posters of the mid-20th century which show picturesque towns to visit. Except this is no quaint English village! The poster shows mountains and forests of the Fortnite island with a couple of players cast in silhouette against the calm blues and greens of the background. Grab yours in multiple sizes from 8″x10″ to 24″x36″ to suit whatever space you have.

2. Abstract Fortnite Print

Image Source: Walmart

It was hard to choose my favorite between this amazing artwork and the one featured below! In our number two spot of best Fortnite posters is this bold abstract piece showing a Fortnite battle at what could possibly be Tilted Towers. The artist, Andreas Magnusson, uses broad strokes of color to create what is an exciting piece full of movement and detail. This poster is printed onto premium heavy stock paper and is available in 18″x24″ or 24″x36″. Grab this explosion of color for your room today!

1. Loading Screen Compilation Poster

Image Source: Redbubble

Taking our number one spot in this ranked list of best Fortnite posters is this superb compilation of loading screens. Designer and Fortnite fan Ti-KoM came up with this poster idea after seeing a few loading screens that looked pretty similar. What would happen if they were all cleverly put together? The result is the bright galaxy of sealife, stars and planets you see above. An astronaut floats in the ocean cosmos while another surfs through the stars on a vinyl record. Meanwhile, the Fortnite island sits proudly above it all, its daylight aspect mirrored in a sunset on the waters. Get yours in a variety of sizes from 16″x24″ to 32″x47″.

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