Which Zenless Zone Zero Character Are You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Which agent are you most like?

Zenless Zone Zero is set in the post-apocalyptic futuristic city of New Eridu. Here you will meet amazing new people and adorable little assistants called Bangboos. There are so many personalities and talents displayed in the playable characters of Zenless Zone Zero, but which one are you most like? Take our exciting quiz below to find out which Zenless Zone Zero character you are!

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Which Zenless Zone Zero Character Are You?

Zenless Zone Zero Ellen Joe character close up girl in maid outfit
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Our quiz has ten simple questions to answer and your choices will determine which Zenless Zone Zero hero you are most like. Are you a strong, silent type? Or the life and soul of the party? Do you prefer to be in the midst of the battle or to take a back seat as a support role? Let’s see if Zenless Zone Zero reflects your personality in any of their varied characters!

Which Zenless Zone Zero Character Are You Most Like?

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Choose a Faction:
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Choose an Attribute:
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Choose a Speciality:
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What is your greatest strength:
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What is your favorite color?
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Choose a weapon or skill:
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Choose a Bangboo:
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Choose a snack to eat before a fight:
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You won the ZZZ Lotto! choose your prize:
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Choose a post-battle drink:

Which amazing agent did you get? Are you happy with your Zenless Zone Zero character quiz result? If you were hoping for a different hero then you can always try the quiz again and see what you get with different answers! Don’t forget to hit that share button and ask your friends to try our quiz too.

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