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Best Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) PC Settings

What's the point of having it on the second monitor if it's taking up all the resources?

A big portion of us ZZZ players will be playing the game on our second monitors while having another game or school/work-related stuff on our main. Some of us will be playing it on our laptops, which can barely run it. Either way, if you want to save your device’s resources, keep it cool, and have the best balance of quality and performance, check out the tips we listed below in our Zenless Zone Zero best PC settings guide.

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Best Zenless Zone Zero PC Graphics Settings

Mirror Reflections ON (Left) vs Mirror Reflections OFF (Right)

There are only a few graphics settings that are worth tweaking in ZZZ, the most important ones being Shadows and Mirror Reflections. You can see the comparison between Reflections ON and OFF in the image above. You’ll notice that the areas in the distance are slightly brighter with Mirror Reflections ON, as light bounces off surfaces more effectively.

However, if you look at my GPUs TDP, you’ll notice that it’s twice as high with Mirror Reflections ON (91.2 W vs 45 W). Therefore, if you want to change one setting and get massive FPS gains, then it’s Mirror Reflections.

Shadows High (Left) vs Shadows Low (Right)

Others don’t look much different or use less resources when toned down to Low, except for Shadows, which look quite a bit worse on Medium/Low, while providing a meager 5-10% FPS boost. You can see the comparison above (notice that the shadows on the ground have jagged edges when on low).

Therefore, Shadows should really be your last stop when tweaking your settings. With the above in mind, here is a full list of optimized settings:

Optimized ZZZ PC Settings

  • Display Mode: Native resolution + Fullscreen
  • FPS: 60 (30 if you are on a low-end device, though setting Rendering to 0.8 or lowering your resolution might be better)
  • Vertical Sync: ON (FreeSync and other VSync alternatives are better if you have them)
  • Rendering: 1.0 (0.8 if you’re struggling for FPS)
  • Anti-Aliasing: TAA (SMAA is blurry and no AA looks terrible)
  • Shadows: High
  • FX Quality: High (lower it if you experience FPS drops in combat)
  • Shading Quality: High
  • Character Quality: High
  • Environment Quality: High
  • Mirror Reflections: Disable
  • Volumetric Fog: High (very few areas have enough fog, so this setting isn’t that important)
  • Bloom: Enable
  • Depth of Field: Disable
  • Motion Blur: Disable (personal preference)
  • Distortion: Enable
  • Color Filter Strength: 10

Best Zenless Zone Zero PC Input Settings

These settings are mostly personal preference, though on mouse and keyboard you’ll want a slightly higher camera sensitivity, as action in this game can be intense. Here are the settings I found to be the best on controller and M&KB:

Best Controller ZZZ Settings

  • Camera Sens (X-axis): 4
  • Camera Sens (Y-axis): 3
  • Inverted Camera (X-axis): Default (why would you ever play inverted X?)
  • Inverted Camera (Y-axis): Default (personal preference)
  • Automatic Camera Rotation: On
  • Board Camera Sensitivity: 3
  • Controller Vibration: Enable (personal preference)
  • Confirm/Cancel Key Swap: Default (personal preference)

Best Mouse & Keyboard ZZZ Settings

  • Camera Sens (X-axis): 4
  • Camera Sens (Y-axis): 3
  • Inverted Camera (X-axis): Default
  • Inverted Camera (Y-axis): Default
  • Automatic Camera Rotation: Off
  • Board Camera Sensitivity: 3

That sums up all the settings you’ll ever want to tweak in Zenless Zone Zero. For more ZZZ content, including tier lists, builds, and farming guides, be sure to bookmark the ZZZ section on Twinfinite.

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