ZZZ: Zenless Zone Zero Tier List (May 2024)

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ZZZ is MiHoyo’s newest banger, and just like in their other titles, pull rates are absolutely atrocious. So, to help you with spending your hard-earned (or bought) rolls on the best resonators, here is our ultimate Zenless Zone Zero tier list.

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Zenless Zone Zero Resonator Tier List

The Zenless Zone Zero tier list is in the image above (if you prefer text check the table below). The main factor for ranking them was their overall performance across all game modes, but their rank, and utility as secondary characters was also taken into account. Still, know that the game is still unreleased and until then, we won’t be able to gauge each characters strength with perfect accuracy.

ZZZ Tier List

S TierBilly, Ellen, Miyabi, Nicole, Soldier 11
A TierGrace, Nekomata, Soukaku
B TierBen, Koleda, Lycaon, Rina
C TierAnby, Anton, Corin
UpcomingBelle, Zhu Yuan, Wise
ZZZ: Zenless Zone Zero resonator tier list updated as of 5/3/2024

ZZZ Resonator Summaries

S Tier

  • Billy: Your go-to physical/secondary DPS. The damage numbers on all of his skills are insane, and he gets excellent bonuses from his talents. Moreover, he is an A-rank, and acquiring him is super easy.
  • Ellen: A bit easier to manage than Miyabi with comparable DPS. I recommend you choose which one you want to go for first based on their looks.
  • Miyabi: One of the best ice DPSs, together with Ellen, with a very athletic combat style. She isn’t easy to play, though, as you’ll constantly have to track AB stacks and use skills in a certain order to maximize Shimotsuki activations.
  • Nicole: Nicole is A-rank, just like Billy, with a bit less DPS. However, she has one of the few gather abilities in the game and applies armor pen buffs/debuffs on her allies/enemies. She is a must-have, really.
  • Soldier 11: This girl is the best fire DPS in ZZZ. However, the rest of the fire squad is very underwhelming, and you’ll need at least one of them in your team for the passive damage buff. Still, even without it, she rocks and can solo everything.

A Tier

  • Nekomata: She is similar in DPS to Billy, and she has invulnerability on basically every skill. However, considering how much harder she is to get, she has to be downranked to A-tier.
  • Grace: She is a much better DPS than Anton, that’s for sure. Plus, she has a lot of ranged options and mobility, which makes kiting bosses very easy.
  • Soukaku: Some people hate on her and rate her as a bottom-tier resonator, but I think she is one of the better characters in Zenless Zone Zero. She has great utility and stagger in her kit, but because the S-tier is so stacked, I can’t place her higher.

B Tier

  • Ben: The designated tank on the fire comps. However, he’s not good for clearing content solo and should definitely not be your primary focus.
  • Koleda: Even though she is an S tier, I think her damage is fairly mediocre. She is a melee, and most of her moves are repetitive with no i-frames, so going up front to bosses and sustaining DPS is hard.
  • Lycaon: Considering he is an S-rank, Lycaon is fairly underwhelming both in terms of gameplay and performance. Unless you want him for his looks, I suggest you don’t prioritize getting him.
  • Rina: Borderline auto-pilot gameplay I’m not really fond of. Her damage is okay-ish, but again, you have better options, that are also A-rank. So, unless you like her for her looks, I suggest you pick literally any S/A-tier character from this list, and you’ll have a much better time in Zenless Zone Zero with them.

C Tier

  • Anby: Similarly to Anton, Anby can do respectable DPS, but outside of that, she doesn’t have much utility, which makes her a straight-up worse option than Grace.
  • Anton: He is an okayish DPS with invulnerability on his ulti, but there are other, better options.
  • Corin: I hate her gameplay and her damage is below mediocre. I see no reason for using her in any team.


  • Belle: We have no idea right now how good the MCs will be, but considering how good they are in other MiHoyo games, they’ll probably be meh.
  • Zhu Yuan: We only got the trailer for Zhu Yuan and she looks solid. We’ll see whether that’s really the case once we get to try her out.
  • Wise: Same story as for Belle.

That wraps up our Zenless Zone Zero tier list. If you need help figuring out which characters are best in some other gacha games, Twinfinite has you covered. We’ve analyzed plenty of games, including Solo Leveling: Arise, Astra: Knights of Veda, and Monster Never Cry, so do check them out if you play those as well.

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