Koleda in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

Best Koleda Build in Zenless Zone Zero

Flame on!

Looking for a Zenless Zone Zero Koleda build? This fire-focused agent mostly excels thanks to her attacking proficiency, and a very high base HP stat makes her a no-brainer for teams. If you’ve pulled this character through the gacha mechanic but don’t know how to build her best, we’ve got you covered.

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Best Koleda ZZZ Build: Equipment

Koleda's equipment in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

4-Set: Shockstar Disco

First up, we’ve started this Koleda build with Shockstar Disco. This increases your Daze impact by 20% when you’ve got four of them equipped in the equipment section, which is exactly what we’ll do here.

Since Koleda is already such a strong damage dealer, it only makes sense to expand upon this by dazing enemies, making them completely defenseless. On top of that, it then means teammates can land damage on enemies that can’t fight back.

2-Set: Woodpecker Electro & Swing Jazz

For the two-set combo at the end of the equipment section, we’ve chosen two different discs. First is Woodpecker Electro. This increases an attack’s CRIT rate by 8%, making it handy for landing decisive blows against tanky enemies.

Lastly, we opt for Swing Jazz as the final disc. This increases energy regen by 20%, meaning the wait time between high-powered moves becomes a whole lot shorter.

Best Koleda ZZZ Build: W-Engines

Koleda's W-Engines in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

When it comes to the W-Engine you choose in this Koleda build, you’ve got quite a few options. These final abilities can provide one last buff to your build, so we’ve chosen a couple of W-Engines you could try out:

  1. The Restrained (S) — Applies Blinding Chains to stunned enemies, which increases DMG and Daze for an eight-second window up to five times.
  2. Steam Oven (A) — Applies Thick Broth for Stun-enabled allies, which increases Impact by 2% for every 10 Energy it consumes, stacking up to eight times.
  3. Precious Fossilized Core (A) — When equipped, characters with Stun can use Behemoth Hammer. This inflicts an extra 10% Daze on enemies below 50% HP, and an additional 10% on that if they’re below 75% HP.
  4. Demara Battery Mark II (B) — Applies In a Flash of Light, which increases electric damage by 15%. Also, increases energy regeneration by 18% for eight seconds after a successful dodge or assist.
  5. Six Shooter (B) — Applies Fire!, which increases the user’s Charge every three seconds, a total of six times. Then, it uses these on special moves to increase Daze by 4% for each Charge collected.

Those are our ideal discs and W-Engines for building Koleda in Zenless Zone Zero! For more on the game, check out our tier list and reroll guide. We’ve also got tips on the best Soldier 11 build and how to get Denny.

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