Weeping Cradle W-Engine in Zenless Zone Zero
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Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) W-Engine Tier List (July 2024)

W in W-Engines stands for "win," probably.

W-Engines are an essential part of Zenless Zone Zero, and equipping your agents with the best ones will help you clear content much faster. However, because you’ll need to spend Polychrome on other stuff, too, you won’t be able to get and upgrade them all at once. So, the play is to focus on only a couple. You’ll know which ones exactly after you’ve gone through our definitive Zenless Zone Zero W-Engine tier list.

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Zenless Zone Zero W-Engine Tier List

S+ Tier ZZZ W-Engines

  • Deep Sea Visitor (S) — Deep Sea Visitor is the best Ice DMG W-Engine, and it alone can push all Ice DPS agents to be broken. When maxed out, it gives 50% more Ice DMG and effectively a 40% Crit Chance increase. That’s just OP.
  • The Restrained (S) — The Restrained is the best source of Impact increase you can get for Stun agents, and that’s their most important stat.
  • Riot Suppressor Mark VI (S) — The Crit DMG increase Riot Suppressor Mark VI provides is just too huge. Additionally, it grants Crit Rate and a bonus to Ether DMG, making it a must for Zhu Yuan.
  • Fusion Compiler (S) — Fusion Compiler is the only Anomaly S-Rank W-Engine and the best. It gives you PEN Ratio, Anomaly Proficiency, and increased ATK, all of which are essential for Anomaly agents.
  • The Brimstone (S) — The Brimstone is the best all-purpose Attack W-Engine in ZZZ. Stacking its passive is easy, and combined with its bonus stats, it can provide a massive ATK% increase.
  • Steel Cushion (S) — Steel Cushion is without a doubt the best engine for Phys agents, as it gives a Phys DMG% increase. Plus, it gives you crit and increased back attack DMG, which is useful against bosses.
  • Weeping Cradle (S) — Weeping Cradle is the best Support W-Engine in ZZZ. It provides Energy Regen while off-field and damage-increase for squadmates when on-field. However, if you don’t switch agents often enough during combat, its performance will be diminished.

S Tier ZZZ W-Engines

  • Hellfire Gears (S) — Hellfire Gears is just a slightly worse version of The Restrained. It does give you Energy Regen off-field, but the Impact loss isn’t worth it.
  • Starlight Engine Replica (A) — Starlight Engine Replica is just OP on Billy. When fully upgraded, it grants a 57.5% Phys DMG increase with its passive, and getting there isn’t hard considering that it’s an A rarity W-Engine.
  • Drill Rig – Red Axis (A) — Drill Rig buffs Anton just so much. It gives him Energy Regen and 10s of bonus Electric DMG on basic and dash attacks, making him a monster during that time. Plus, the CD of his passive isn’t much longer than the duration.
  • Weeping Gemini (A) — Weeping Gemini is a really solid W-Engine for Anomaly agents in Zenless Zone Zero. The base ATK increase is nice, and the passive doesn’t require you to be on the field to stack up. Plus, the flat Anomaly Proficiency value on the passive is really high.
  • Roaring Ride (A) — It takes a second to ramp up, but Roaring Ride has one of the best passives of all A-Rank W-Engines. When all effects are active, you’re getting Anomaly Proficiency, Anomaly Buildup, and ATK% increases.
  • Slice of Time (A) — The Decibel and Energy regen this W-Engine can provide are extremely good. However, to make the most of it, you need to proc all attacks listed in the description in quick succession with both of your other characters and maintain the rotation throughout the fight.
  • Housekeeper (A) — The Housekeeper is Corin’s preferred W-Engine. It boosts her DPS significantly. However, using her on other agents really isn’t viable.

A Tier ZZZ W-Engines

  • Electro-Lip Gloss (A) — Electro-Lip Gloss is one of the better W-Engines for Anomaly agents in ZZZ. Its passive is easy to activate, and the flat Anomaly Proficiency increase from its stats is nice. However, Weeping Gemini seems like a bit better option, considering they are of the same rarity.
  • Big Cylinder (A) — Big Cylinder’s passive is what can make Ben somewhat viable. You won’t be using him much except every 7.5 seconds for that crit, but every time you do, he will absolutely clap.
  • The Vault (A) — The Vault’s Energy Regen and DMG buff for other characters are really nice to have. Its only downside is that only Nicole can use it for now.
  • Starlight Engine (A) — The %ATK increase from the passive and its stats add up nicely, making it worth using on any Attack agent until you get something better.
  • Cannon Rotor (A) — The most important trait of Cannon Rotor is its bonus Crit Rate. The more Crit DMG you can stack, the more value you can get out of it.
  • Demara Battery Mark II (A) — This is the main W-Core you’ll be using for Anby. It gives her solid boosts to DMG, Impact, and Energy Regen.
  • Steam Oven (A) — Steam Oven is one of the best A rarity W-Engines for Stun agents. It allows you to spam your special attack more, which is basically all that you want to do with that class of agents.
  • Bashful Demon (A) — Bashful Demon is one of the best W-Engines you can have on Soukaku. However, it’s basically useless for other Supports.

B Tier ZZZ W-Engines

  • Spring Embrace (A) — Spring Embrace’s best trait is the Energy Regeneration it provides to your other characters. Its other stats are kind of meh.
  • Kaboom the Cannon (A) — Kaboom provides an okay DPS increase for your squad. However, it relies on you cycling through characters often to keep it up. Plus, there are much better options out there.
  • Unfettered Game Ball (A) — The 12% Crit Rate this W-Engine provides can be really valuable if you can stack Crit DMG on your other squad members. However, that’s really only possible later in the game.
  • Rainforest Gourmet (A) — Rainforest Gourmet offers a flat Anomaly Proficiency increase and a solid ATK buff from its passive. It gives you no Energy Regen, which you’ll need to make the most out of that passive.
  • Street Superstar (A) — Street Superstar’s utility only comes into play when you cast your ultimate. It simply isn’t versatile enough to warrant a higher ranking.
  • Precious Fossilized Core (A) — The Daze increase that the Precious Fossilized Core provides really isn’t that huge. Plus, it relies on being upgraded to get that passive maxed out.
  • Six Shooter (A) — The passive of the Six Shooter is just meh. It procs every 18 seconds, which isn’t enough to make it viable.
  • Bunny Band (A) — Bunny Band is one of the very few Defense W-Engines in Zenless Zone Zero. It provides you with DEF, HP, and ATK. However, it lacks the utility that Big Cylinder and Spring Embrace have.
  • Original Transmorpher (A) — Original Transmorpher is almost the same as Bunny Band, though it gives you a small Impact increase instead of ATK.

C Tier ZZZ W-Engines

  • [Identity] Base (B) — Base is the better of the two B-Rank Defense W-Engines. The %DEF increase it provides is quite handy.
  • [Reverb] Mark III (B) — Mark III is the only worth one out of all Reverb W-Engines. It gives an ATK boost to all squad members.
  • [Vortex] Arrow (B) — Arrow is the best B rarity W-Engine for Stun characters in Zenless Zone Zero. Use it until you get something better.
  • [Magnetic Storm] Alpha (B) — Alpha does offer a nice Anomaly Mastery increase. However, the cooldown on the passive is kind of long.
  • [Magnetic Storm] Bravo (B) — Bravo is slightly different from Alpha, but their performance is fairly the same.
  • [Lunar] Noviluna (B) — Noviluna is good because it increases Crit Rate, However, the passive is just useless.
  • [Lunar] Pleniluna (B) — Pleniluna does give you a nice ATK increase on basic, dash, and dodge counterattacks. However, it isn’t high enough to warrant using it over other W-Engines in ZZZ.
  • [Lunar] Decrescent (B) — Decrescent is basically a worse version of Pleniluna. It gives you a DMG increase on all attacks, though proccing the passive is harder.

D Tier ZZZ W-Engines

  • [Identity] Inflection (B) — Inflection is just a weak stat stick for Defense agents, and that’s it.
  • [Magnetic Storm] Charlie (B) — Charlie is the worst of all Magnetic Storm W-Engines. The Energy Regen the passive provides is just irrelevant.
  • [Vortex] Hatchet (B) — Hatchet is just slightly worse than Arrow. Its main downside is the long cooldown on its passive.
  • [Vortex] Revolver (B) — Revolver is just bad all around. Daze increase is only for EX Special attacks, and that’s it.
  • [Reverb] Mark II (B) — Mark II is basically the same as Mark I but for supports.
  • [Reverb] Mark I (B) — Mark I does increase Impact for all team members. However, you don’t really need that, and the effect procs only after you use your EX Special attack.

That does it for our Zenless Zone Zero W-Engine tier list. For more tier lists, farming guides, mission walkthroughs, and other tips and tricks be sure to bookmark the ZZZ section on Twinfinite. Also, if you need more currency for W-Engine rolls, check out our Polychrome guide to learn how to get it efficiently.

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